The Happiness Tag

the happiness tag

I was tagged by the wonderful Christina @ fairy skeletons for this tag. Although it’s a lovely sunny day as I’m sitting at my computer, the whole…back-to-school stretch of winter feels ever so long. I don’t know. All the new year new you kind of things in the papers get tiring.

I’m happy right now! I mean, I think I am generally more happy than not. But it’s such a weird balance — it’s like I have to tread sp carefully to protect that feeling of feelgood. I have to remember to do this thing and remember to not do that. Or to check all those stupid superstitious things that I know are in the right place. (Do: go outside before lunch. Reply to your emails. Listen to nice music. Don’t: spend the entire day reading that one book. Spend an hour worrying over one paragraph in an email. Listen to music that makes you feel horrible and disconnected.)

We talk about happiness so much. I don’t know. I always just — it’s just feelings; things that do and don’t make my chest ache. I can’t say if it would work for everyone, but it was really lovely to think about some things that make me happy. ❤

songs: Sinners, Lauren Aquilina. Paris, Magic Man, Shake the Sheets, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. Carry On My Wayward Son, Kansas. One Day More, Les Mis. Non-Stop, Hamilton. Bloom, The Paper Kites.

books: things written by Rainbow Rowell. A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab. Tumbling by Susie Day. Solitaire by Alice Oseman. The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater. Legend by Marie Lu.

films: Whisper of the Heart. My Neighbour Totoro. Ten Things I Hate About You.

words:: superfluous. altruistic. endeavour. sojourn. visceral.

scents: tea. hot cross buns. frying bacon. (or frying onions.) the smell of grass after it’s been raining. bookshops. christmas pudding.

miscellany: talking to a friend you can say anything to. finally creating something good. a sunny day. inside jokes. happy coincidences.

12 thoughts on “The Happiness Tag

  1. Oooh, cool tag! I found a really cool word today- “‘youthquake’ noun youth·quake \-ˌkwāk\
    Definition of youthquake
    : a shift in cultural norms influenced by the values, tastes, and mores of young people”
    All your happy things are so happy ❤ I mean, I guess that's the point? BUT THEY'RE SO SWEET. I feel like ridiculously grinning right now.
    (ALSO 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU YESYESYESYES that movie is (one of) my fave(s) and SO ADORABLE EEEEEK

    1. WOAH. That is a nice word. *nods*
      Haha, yeah, but at least they achieved their aims?
      OMG TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU YESS. Fellow fan. I love that movie. I’m such trash for fake relationships. They’re ridiculous, but also amazing. 😛 Plus: I LOVE KAT AT THE START. Idk why people hate on her. She’s cool throughout the whole film. *shrugs* (I have a lot of 10 Things feelings haha.)

  2. Reading this post made me happy 😀 MY NEIGHBOUR TOTORO YES. And Ten Things I Hate About You – I love that film! I can watch it over and over again 🙂 I have a hate/love relationship with the smell of grass – it smells so good until I start to sneeze since I have hay fever haha

    1. Yay, aim achieved! 😀 TOTORO & 10 THING YES. It’s awesome to see that so many people like these things as well haha.
      Aw no, that’s annoying! I can see how constantly sneezing might not leave you very pleased. 😛

    1. YES ADSOM. It’s always great to flail about it with you. 😛 I’d love to try and use more interesting/pretty words in actual writing and conversation!
      Mmm, those are both such nice smells… I can’t believe I forgot to put garlic! Frying food just generally smells delicious.

  3. This post made me ridiculously happy. Like, it’s about the little moments we always seem to take for granted – the ones we don’t realize how much we enjoy. I love the whole idea of the tag too – and omg, we have nearly the same favourite songs. Especially Carry On (it basically encompasses two of the things I love the most, Rainbow Rowell and Supernatural) I stole this tag from you because I couldn’t stop myself from doing it…don’t kill me? XD Ten Things deserves to have every line in it framed, honestly. I lovelovelove that movie. And Totoro. (Our mutual Studio Ghibli obsession strikes again). I loved this post so much, thankyou for spreading the happiness ❤

    1. Oh, that makes me happy. 🙂 I LOVE THAT SONG. I love it. Ugh. So many feelings and yet also…it’s just a really good song.
      Ahaha I forgot to tag anyone so no worries! (I spotted it on my dash. I need to go read now.) Honestly, it’s been pretty cool to realise that a ton of other people love Ten Things as well. GHIBLI YAAY. I am still on my Ghibli-watching quest. Thank you so much for this lovely comment as per usual ❤

  4. Mm, so much yes to your music taste. Carry On My Wayward Son + Bloom, especially. I do so love your dissection of happiness – it is such a difficult thing to pinpoint, but we always know when we’ve done it, no? Lovely tag & lovely post, Eve. xx

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