7 Things I Would Do If I Met Rainbow Rowell

rainbow rowell books

Okay, so: I LOVE RAINBOW ROWELL’S BOOKS. I have probably recommended a book of hers to you all at some point or another. I mean, objectively, they do have flaws, but I also love them with all my heart. Yeah. Rainbow is, um, probably my favourite author right now.

WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY WHY I NEED TO ATTEND ONE OF HER EVENTS. I am blisteringly aware of the ocean between me and the USA, i.e. where a lot of her tours seem to be. And because I was a complete numpty, I missed her last UK tour! *congratulates self*

Some parts of the internet insist that she has a UK event during March — and, to be fair, I haven’t actually seen any more news since November, but I live in hope. Obviously, because I am going to turn into an awkward flapping chicken during like the one time I will probably ever see her: I decided it would be prudent to make a list of all the things I need to do. LET’S GO! *throws imaginary Pokeball onto grass*

1. Listen to her playlists all the way to the venue

I do this on my train journeys anyway, because I like to be attacked by feels on public transport, but it would be like my own private joke. Ha. Also: RAINBOW HAS THE BEST MUSIC TASTE. Ahem. *coughs*

2. Wear all the merch I possibly can.

I’m assuming this whole thing is going to happen at a book event, so that I will get at least a tiny bit of prep. Of course, I need to be decked out in all my merchandise… Okay, maybe not all of it. Even though I don’t own nearly as much as I’d like. But we can either go with a) Cath’s Carry On t-shirt, b) full or selective elements of my Penny Bunce cosplay as well as c) the Tatty Devine Fangirl necklace I won at YALC (!!). I could wear a flannel shirt like Eleanor? No, okay, Eve. ONE OUTFIT HERE. Calm yourself.

3. Be this gif

admire someone gif

Just. I would make so many flustered hand movements to try and articulate how much I love all the books.

4. Talk to all the other Rainbow Rowell bookworms/Snowflakes

The name for the a Carry On fan is now officially a Snowflake. Hehe. (I think it comes from a mention of Cath visiting Snowflakes forums?) Anyway: flailing is WAY more fun with friends, and I’d love to meet up with fellow enthusiasts! XD

5. Ask a lot of questions about:

a) Diversity in YA What do you think is the next step for diversity in YA? As an author of both adult and YA books, do you feel representation is different in those genres?
b) The Eleanor & Park movie Eek, what’s the current situation!? ❤
c) Carry On locations CAN WE SET UP A SIMON SNOW MERCHANDISE SHOP IN WATFORD? Genuinely. I would happily work in it.

6. Bring my wheelbarrow of books up to be signed

Not my Kindle, though… I wouldn’t actually bring all of my books, because that would take forever and also I don’t think I would actually be allowed. It took me a while to stack up the 13 for the title photo. XD (HOW DID I GET 13 FROM 5 BOOKS DAMMIT.) Hopefully I can get my pretty special editions signed, though!

7. NOT ask what the three words are

I guess it would be nice to know what they meant? But I feel like I’m way less bothered than a lot of people. When I finished the book, that wasn’t the first thing on my mind — and we saw Park’s reaction, so I don’t think it’s anything awful. Plus: Rainbow would never tell us!

Hopefully I will get to actually carry on out this list someday. I am wishing really hard that this list doesn’t seem weird. (Also: I was also talking Carry On with Michelle, An Overthinking Teenager, and Evi, so BLAME THEM.) (Not really. I love you guys. :P)

Which authors would you like to meet? Have you been to any great author events? 🙂

20 thoughts on “7 Things I Would Do If I Met Rainbow Rowell

  1. HOW ON EARTH DO YOU HAVE THIRTEEN OF HER BOOKS EVE HOLY CRABCAKES. Do you have, like, the UK edition and the US edition and the special editions??? That being said: THAT’S A LOT OF BOOKS BUT I WOULD ALSO TOTALLY STEAL IT.
    Rainbow makes playlists? I must go find them. And listen to them. I trust her music taste.
    Once I met Becky Albertalli (Simon vs) and was really basically that gif. I said eight words: “I really like it…the book” and “thank you”. IT WAS TERRIBLE BUT ALSO AMAZING.

      Genuinely. I don’t know. Fangirl has about a billion editions, so I have 5 of that… And then yep, there’s UK/US, paperback/hardback. I have a Spanish E&P. XD I’M MAD.
      Yep, she does! Haha if you want to listen her Spotify’s here: https://play.spotify.com/user/rainbowrowell
      Omg yes I remember reading about that! BUT YEAH SHE SOUNDS AMAZING. ❤ One time I was so nervous about talking to an author I kept interrupting the girl in front of me argh.

      1. TAILE
        I must go stalk her spotify now. *nodnod*
        This entire comment is nearly entirely caps I’m so sorry your other commenters will be just like ‘what’

      1. Ooh — hmm. I think I would have said Eleanor & Park, but Carry On holds a special place in my heart. (Although I love Fangirl too. My top three are very close. *nods*)

  2. Aww! I love this! Carry On is the first book I’ve read by her and I loved it, so I’m definitely going to go back and read her others. There are so many authors I’d love to meet, but there’s one in particular that I’ve been a bit obsessed with since I was 14: Stephen King. I’ve dreamt (literally) of meeting him since I read his first book, Carrie, 38 years ago.

    1. Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! And I’m really glad you enjoyed Carry On as well — it seems like it’s bringing a lot of new readers in, which is awesome.:) If you want something related to Carry On, then Fangirl includes some Simon Snow snippets!
      I’ve been meaning to read one of his books for such a long time, but THIS YEAR. Wow, that’s so cool!

  3. Rainbow is such a great author!
    But if I could meet one author it`d be Anne Frank. I know many don`t consider her as one, but in my kind of world she`s one considering she didn`t only write her diary and only intended to publish that one. I`m sure she would`ve been an author today if she didn`t die.

  4. I feel this on so many levels. (And you think you have it bad? I live in the mysterious and generally unknown land of Singapore. I am Suffering.) Although: I did not realise there were playlists! Must go troll Spotify now…

    1. Aw, no! Whilst I do like to complain about missing some authors, I think I’m lucky that I’ve been able to attend the events I’ve had.
      Apparently the playlists are a thing that not everyone knows? I do love to listen to them, though. 🙂

  5. OH. MY. GOD. holy crap. How do you even HAVE 13 books when she’s written five??? I know you have like 8923 Fangirl’s though 😉 I have to get to Landline, then I’ll officially have read all the Rowell books. Huzzah! Also whaaat she has playlists?! Where can I listen to them? ALSO. I would very much like to see the Penny Bunce cosplay.

    p.s You are the go-to Rainbow Rowell blog, tbh XD

    1. AHAHAHA I just bought another copy of Carry On as well as my many Fangirls. I…just don’t even know how it happened. I’m stupid.
      Oh yay Landline! ❤ YEP PLAYLISTS ACK. Her Spotify is here. *crosses fingers that the link works* Oh, thank you! There’s a photo of my cosplay here! (Next time I would probably not wear a wig from the 99p shop, though haha.)

      Eek, thank you so much! That makes me very happy XD

  6. Rainbow Rowell is definitely my favorite author as well. Sadly even though I am in the US I *still* haven’t met her. Well, I haven’t met any mainstream authors though. Regardless I would 100% be that GIF haha!
    Also I really didn’t enjoy Carry On (sad face) but I have absolutely loved everything else like 100%! Happy Reading, writing, and meeting Rainbow if and when you get the chance 🙂

    1. Yay for Rainbow Rowell! I’m just bad at talking to people I admire in general. (Or even talking about people I admire, because I am awkward like that.)
      Oh no! If you don’t mind me asking — what didn’t you like about it? I think it was a very different style to her other books.
      Thank you so much! 🙂

  7. I LOVE THIS LIST. And I love that your so prepared for what would happen if you did get to meet her. And I really hope you do! It’s obviously really important to you *sends good Rainbow Rowell meeting vibes your way*

    Also, I 100% know the feeling of JUST missing out on meeting a favourite person because of being a donkey and not realising. I missed out on meeting COLIN MORGAN and MARIA V SNYDER because apparently I have no skills when it comes to knowing when my FAVOURITE PEOPLE ARE COMING TO MY COUNTRY *shakes fist*

    I would really love to meet Maria V. Snyder, and apparently she is coming back to Australia in April?!?!?! But it’s not on her site, so I shall remain a little cautious. But there’s no way I could bring my entire Snyder collection because it, ah, take up more than one shelf on my bookcase *laughs nervously*

    Meeting favourite authors is super fun! I have gotten to meet four of mine, and I was actually really surprised I wasn’t an incompetent pancake when I met them all. I was quite proud of myself, actually XD

    1. Thank you so much! HA. Yes. I’ve thought about this moment way too much. *gratefully receives vibes and hopes that this will happen in the near future*

      Aw no, that sucks! COLIN MORGAN. A few years ago my friend got a postcard signed by him — I can’t even remember how this happened, but ah well — and I was way too jealous.

      I wish I could have been more aware of all the events near me a year ago! I actually haven’t read any Maria V. Snyder books, eek — I’m guessing you’d recommend them? 😛

      Woah, kudos to you! I tend to do a lot of flappy hand movements when I meet authors. It’s very weird. *nods*

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