Fanmix Yourself: the wanderlust of inertia

Is it narcissistic fanmixing yourself? I don’t know. Maybe. 😛 No, I’ve actually been wanting to do this for a while — I thought it would be kind of nice to tie in with all the New Year reflections. The hope is that I do one next year and see if my choices change.

I recently spotted a fanmix yourself tag going around Tumblr, but that didn’t feel right… If I’m making a playlist to tell a story, then I like the whole playlist to tell a story. (Rather than each song on its own.) (Also, I like cohesive playlists a lot more.) So this ended up being, um, pretty difficult. Character playlists are laborious anyway, and that’s when you have a better judgement of the character. — I probably have skewed judgement of myself.  So I was pretty pleased that I actually finished this playlist!

Are the songs I like different to the songs that describe me? I don’t know. I think so. There’s a fair bit of…angsty dark electronic stuff in my music library, and I’m not actually that angsty and dark. (Maybe angsty. Sometimes. XD) And my music taste is also ridiculously varied — it doesn’t tell you that much about me, probably. I’m not sure. It swings between electronic pop and sweeping soundtracks and things with loud guitars quite frequently.

I didn’t really realise when I was putting it together, but this has a lot of my favourite songs. Songs that make me feel things more than other songs. Basically: SONGS I LIKE A LOT. So, um, this is making me a little nervous. But I hope you like it!


the wanderlust of inertia

for when you no longer know what you’re waiting for. for the ache of souls contorted into the bones you built them from. for screaming up at the stars and expecting an answer back.
listen on spotify

counting down the hours – ted leo and the pharmacists
lost that easy – cold war kids
paris – magic man
i stand corrected – vampire weekend
deeper than love – colleen green
here – alessia cara
forest fires – lauren aquilina
new constellations – ryn weaver

I’m using Spotify for my playlists now, and I’m finding it way easier than Soundcloud. (And I keep putting obscure songs in that it didn’t seem to have. *laughs awkwardly*)

What songs would you have chosen for yourself? Have you discovered any new music in 2015?

11 thoughts on “Fanmix Yourself: the wanderlust of inertia

    1. Well, I basically already stole it, so feel free! AAH NO I’M SORRY. My usual weirdly obscure and specific music taste strikes again…
      VAMPIRE WEEKEND ARE KIND OF WEIRD. But they have some great songs. (I only recently realised that the weather song from my days of Just Dance is one of theirs. Worlds colliding.) (I’M SORRY I’M NOT SURE WHY I FEEL THE NEED TO TELL YOU THIS ah well. And I also apologise for apparently unfollowing you again?!?)

      1. I thought mine was pretty odd, but really it’s just anything from indie to alternative with a bit of punk and rock thrown in the mix.
        My dad will occasionally borrow music from his coworkers so he basically gave me the Modern Vampires of the City CD and was like “listen to this”. AND IT WAS SO WEIRD. Like the first some songs are kind of normal but then they just get more unique as you go on.
        (no problem I seem to do that all the time xD )

      2. Aah that sounds really similar to me right now! But in the past there’s been phases of piano ballads, a whooole season of banjo-strumming, kind of…summery electro-pop, 80s punk rock. And then I listen a lot to soundtracks! SO YAY FOR RANDOM STUFF.
        Omg that’s so cool! I…haven’t actually sat down and listened to a whole album of theirs. Ahem. XD

  1. This is really cool! Unfortunately Spotify doesn’t seem to like me at the moment but the song titles are already blowing my mind — like ‘forest fires’ and ‘new constellations’? SO MUCH YES. I’m considering leaving Soundcloud, too — but I tried Spotify before and didn’t much like it (and it still doesn’t much like me, perhaps that’s why!). So I think I shall just be stepping away from the tracklist community 🙂

    1. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that! I’ve been using Spotify on a personal account for ages, but I hadn’t tried it with publishing playlists yet… It just seems to be REALLY difficult to find the right platform. *sighs* I live in hope of finding a great one someday.

  2. Woahh, Eve. You need to turn this into a tag or something asap, because this is such a great idea. (I don’t think it’s narcissistic, for one). NO WHAT WHY SPOTIFY :c I just downloaded the songs, because unfortunately Spotify is not allowed to play in our country for some reason – and I’m in LOVE with Forest Fires. It makes me wanna curl up into a ball and listen to it all day, because this is exactly what being socially anxious feels like. I’ve heard Here before this playlist, and I love that one ❤ Great playlist!

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