7 (Mostly Stupid) Nostalgic Computer Games


So, when I say ‘nostalgic’ games, I’m not actually referring to Pac-Man kind of games. Sorry. I AM NOT OLD ENOUGH TO CLAIM PAC MAN IS MY CHILDHOOD. And I am also still in my childhood. But luckily for me, the internet changes fast enough for this to seem Sufficiently Old. *nods*

Don’t tell me I’m the only one who knows that coolmaths.com is the site to go to if you want to fool the system into thinking you’re on an educational site. (Let’s just pretend I’m not writing this list during NaNoWriMo. I HAVEN’T BEEN PROCRASTINATING AT ALL, what are you talking about?!?)


1. Fireboy and Watergirl Oh my goodness this game was my favourite. It’s…still my favourite two player game. It’s pretty much the only decent one, in my opinion. πŸ˜‰ Because I’m really bad at Minecraft and ‘Actual Video Games’. The two-player element was especially useful when there was practically a bloodbath over the two computers in the library after school. (In retrospect: why is the boy the fire? But anyway, yeah.)

bloons td5

2. Bloons Tower Defense The sound of computerised balloons popping is weirdly stress-relieving. The best part is when you get, like, the robot laser eye monkey right at the end and raze through all the rainbow coloured balloons. (It was actually quite a violent game, to be honest. And who even thought of ninja and sniper moneys? Are they a metaphor for humanity? What did those weirdly sentient balloons ever do to the moneys? Is there a whole backstory to this game? *gasps*


3. Cookie Clicker SO SO POINTLESS. Probably the most ridiculous game on this entire list. I don’t know. But it’s really fun. Just. Even more pointless than all the others. I think there are copies of it with other items, too? Ah well. Someday I’ll look it up.

papa louie

4. Papa Louie Evil pizza monsters, duh. And what is more important than delivering pizzas whilst being attacked by evil pizzas??

circle the cat

5. Circle the Cat This is actually a pretty clever game, even now. Stopping the cat from getting out requires actual thinking. (Some of it is luck where the starter squares are placed. But it’s more intellectual than, say, Cookie Clicker.)

celtic village

6. Celtic Village AHAHAHA. ThisΒ game is the weirdest.Β It wasn’t ever really a popular-at-school thing like some of the others,Β but my cousin and I would play it at Christmas at the same time and see who could last the longest. It’s weird as hell, and it has terrible graphics, and it glitches all the time from what I can remember: random children would just turn into green aliens?? And then, like, the gods would come and age all your people up? Who even knows? *shakes head* Anyway, I just liked naming all my villagers. I had some pretty cool ones. Even if they all ended up dying at the end or something.

shopping street

7. Shopping Street OH MY GOD the competition with this. Way to introduce children to the retailing market. It was another kind of stress relieving one, though — maybe listening to money chink from all the little people pass is less good than balloons popping, but hey. (Not that balloons are particularly normal either. Oh well.)

What computer games did you used to play? Recognise any of these? I’M SO BAD AT ALL VIDEO GAMES NOW PERSONALLY. Except for Wii Sports. πŸ˜‰

16 thoughts on “7 (Mostly Stupid) Nostalgic Computer Games

  1. Games are my weakness πŸ˜€ I played so many of them I can’t even remember all the titles πŸ˜›
    all-time favorites oldies though are: digger, tetris, ceasary, diablo, heroes of might and magic, age of empires

    1. For this post I was trying to remember the name of this pipe game? But alas, it never came to me. Ohh I haven’t heard of most of those, except for Tetris haha! πŸ˜›

      1. Despite making a post about computer games I, um, actually have very little knowledge of them apart from the minigames I used to play! It’s really weird.

  2. OHMYGOSH ALL OF THE COOLMATH GAMES. In elementary school, we were allowed to play on those once we were done with whatever we had to be doing with the computers. (I still go on that site every now and then xD) Seriously, Fireboy and Watergirl was my life back then πŸ˜€ I never played Bloons Tower Defense but your little synopsis-thingy for that is hilarious oh my gosh. I remember that like everybody would always play the Papa’s Pizzeria or Pancakeria or Cookeria for AGES.
    Goshdarnit, Eve, now I’m probably off to go play some of these again…ah, procrastination. πŸ˜‰

    1. IKR, WE ALWAYS USED IT IN AFTER SCHOOL CARE. And IT lessons, because IT in primary school was basically just playing games and occasionally contributing to one.
      Fireboy and Watergirl foreverrr ❀ Omg I forgot the Pancakeria! HOW COULD I. And, like, you had to put all the chunks of butter on the pancake? *sighs happily* Oh, the good old days. XD

    1. I think everyone has different ones! I mean, I always assumed that EVERYONE did sticker-trading and that weird pipe game. But no one can help me remember the name, dammit.
      Aah I haven’t heard of those! I used to watch Avatar, though.

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