Writing Playlist: static/silence

I am weird about writing playlists — I absolutely love them, and I think they help me so much, but they’re really bloody difficult to create. Usually with a playlist, I’ll choose a few songs and then see a connecting story; that’s why I’m awful at sticking to themes. And probably part of all why I’m awful at finding what I actually want in a writing playlist. I end up describing characters as ‘this artist plus this artist plus some of that one’. XD

Not to mention all the different facets you have to cater for in a writing playlist: songs with lyrics that actually make sense with a character, mood songs with irrelevant lyrics, all the different plot points and emotions in a book. UGH. Anyone else who manages it, you’re fabulous. It’s taken me, like, several months to concoct this one. Whoops. It’s been working really well for my NaNoWriMo project so far, even if my plans have gone entirely out the window haha.

static silence cover


for when the white noise becomes as familiar as your heartbeat. for running through darkened streets. for desperation and deceit and trying to find a reason to stay alive when your world is falling apart.
listen on soundcloud

female robbery – the neighbourhood
creep – scala & kolacny brothers
take me to church – ellie goulding
blood on my hands – danielle parente
control – halsey
forest fires – lauren aquilina
shadow preachers – zella day
forest fires – lauren aquilina
laura – bat for lashes
broke – lauren aquilina
little dawn – ted leo and the pharmacists

I had to condense it down a bit and remove some Lauren Aquilina songs, because, erm, I think I had most of her discography on it. Even if I could only get covers on Soundcloud. And also, the Ted Leo track isn’t there either, sorry! UGH I still haven’t found a good site to curate playlists on. Any recommendations, guys? šŸ™‚

Do you like to use writing playlists? If you’re doing NaNoWriMo too then how’s it going?

10 thoughts on “Writing Playlist: static/silence

  1. I usually just have a few artists who go with the overall tone of what I’m writing and then listen to them on repeat until the tone changes/ I get fed up :P. Also, 8tracks is meant to be good for playlists, although I’ve never actually used it to make one before

    1. Oh, that sounds like a good idea! I’ll sort of go through their songs if I find one that I like, but usually I switch between moods so much that it’s difficult. šŸ˜›
      8tracks is my favourite site to listen from, but it recently changed its rules and I don’t really understand how to make playlists anymore haha.

  2. *knows none of these songs* *cries* well, technically I know Take Me To Church, but an Ellie Goulding version sounds AWESOME. So this is going onto my listening thingy.
    I use Spotify a lot, you have to have an account but it has an awesome playlist-making thing. All of my writing playlists are just complied from the DW and Sherlock and Harry Potter soundtracks, ahaha.
    Also, I’m really pissed at WordPress right now because I haven’t gotten three of your most recent posts. Ugh.

      I loved the original (aah! lyrics! *falls to floor*), but the vibe of the Ellie Goulding cover is amaazing. ā¤
      Yeah, I think I might try Spotify next time! We sort of have a family account that I use a ton, so I remember the separate account I made couldn't log in? I'm definitely going to try again ahaha.
      The posting seems to be pretty dodgy right now… Like, sometimes it will show up in Reader? And sometimes not? *shrugs* Hopefully it will e sorted out soon, though.

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