Poetry: Ashore

poetry ashore

I sometimes…WRITE POETRY?!? *gasps* WHAT IS THIS?

I know, I know. It’s been a horrifically long time since I last wrote any poetry. (Longer than I’d thought.) I AM SO SORRY FOR THAT. But it was National Poetry Day last Thursday, so I thought that this might be a really good opportunity to post That New Thing I’ve been promising for months! And now I can go and hide in a wardrobe and go hide in Narnia for several more months.


i drown myself in eyeliner
as if it will make me a siren. i’ve learnt
the lilts of the streets like a
lullaby but my scales remain dry
and darling

i could tell you all the eddies
of the city, but it’s pointless
because the comfort of cars is like tepid rain;
they’ve all gone verdigris anyway. they make me

bathwater-eyed, wading through zebra striped streets with
serene panic (water) mind manic (water)
gasping and grasping for the air that’s all around –

once i gave my tongue to your kiss, but know that
i didn’t love you with an ocean.
i loved the ocean
with you.

12 thoughts on “Poetry: Ashore

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I won’t go on such a long hiatus again, haha. (Although many of the ones written throughout this one should never see the light of day.) I’m so glad you liked it, aah! 🙂

  1. Oh my. That was incredibly beautiful, and such a lovely thing to read (especially after my computer decided that oh HEY it’s update time and I didn’t tell you. Have fun sitting and waiting for me to restart HAHAHA). I literally loved everything about this poem, and you should be 100000% proud of it and its beauty.

    (I could not resits following you because your blog is fabulous. So, hi! I’m Chiara *waves happily from my corner of the internet*)

    1. Aaah wow, thank you so much! ❤ (I hope your computer is okay. When mine somehow updated itself and then flashed black and white continuously. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND TECHNOLOGY.)
      Thanks for following! *waves from other corner of the internet* (I feel like I'm doing a lot of thanking in this comment, but yes. THANK YOU.)

  2. Oh WOW, you have grown so much as a writer since you posted the last piece – this is unfathomably gorgeous and my brain is struggling to wrap around some of those metaphors. (Especially the first line. What. I just. What are you even. I am having trouble forming complete sentences.)

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