September Favourites!

september favourites

1. Book events I’ve been to Waterstones SO MUCH over the summer. Over the last month, I went to see Patrick Ness, Jandy Nelson, and I spent an afternoon writing poetry with the lovely Aisling Fahey. IT WAS ALL FABULOUS OKAY BYE.

2. Les Mis For my birthday, I went to see it on stage at the West End and OH MY WAS IT FABULOUS. I mean, I spent a lot of time dissecting pretty much everyone’s perferomances, but it’s still the most fun I’ve had at the theatre in forever. THE SET WAS SO COOL AND IT MOVED AND THERE WAS A LIVE ORCHESTRA AND EVERYONE MY HEART. I mean, I have a whole document of post-show notes on my phone, so I might have to dedicate an actual post, but on the whole it was awesome. I thought Javert & Eponine were particularly excellent. ❤

3. Doctor Who So far, the new series isn’t overwhelming me, but I’m enjoying it more than the first few episodes of last season. It’s so nice to have something to watch on Saturday again.

4. The Matsuri The Matsuri is the Japanese festival that happens in London every year, and I had so much fun! It’s in Trafalgar Square at the moment — very near Waterstones, hehe — and I ate far too much food. And spent £10 on washi tape, because I am easiely seduced by cute things. Ahem. That’s something new… 😉

5. New blog design ‘Things are still being tweaked…’ says she, tweaking absolutely nothing. XD But I was very excited to unveil it, and I hope you like it! I spent longer than I’d like without a blog post — I didn’t spend all of those 10 or so days designing, I won’t lie — but I wanted to take some emotional time out too. 🙂 I’d forgotten how much time school takes up, eek.

Stuff from around the internet:

In the diary:

  • School started… It’s nice to be back, but at the same time really, really stressful. It was weird coming back from having all that free time to…nil.
  • I finished my Penelope Bunce cosplay! I can’t believe I, like, made something wearable? WHAT IS THIS MYTH YOU SPEAK OF? I’m BEYOND EXCITED to wear it for MCM in October, eep.
  • September 23rd was Bi Visibility Day, yay! (September was actually a pretty busy month, looking back on it.)
  • I’m, like, kind of getting good at putting bits of jelly contact lenses in? I think. I’m getting better, at least.
  • I’m supposed to be taking my Grade 5 Theory exam in November. I’m SCAREEED. *hides*

How was your month? Are you watching any TV shows right now? 🙂 (THE BAKE-OFF, GUYS, oh wow the drama. MY HEART.)

7 thoughts on “September Favourites!

    1. Hey! Yeah, I’m taking that one — I mean, unless something goes horrifically wrong I’m fairly sure I WILL pass, but I’m still rather nervous. 😛
      Thanks so much for following, and sure!

  1. You’ll ace that theory exam, I’m sure! I took it quite a few years ago and somehow survived XD And thank you so much for the shout out! Topaz’s poetry is always dazzling. And I’m still loving this blog design SO MUCH — seriously, kudos on such a fabulous redesign 😀

    1. TEACH ME YOUR SECRETS EEK. Hopefully I’ll make it out of the exam hall alive, haha.
      Her poetry is really just asdfjkl so beautiful. Thank you so much! 🙂

    1. Yep, I had a fabulous month! I was quietly fangirling the entire way through the performance hehehe. ❤ AAH I'M WEARING IT TOMORROW AND I'M V EXCITED! I'll probably take some more pics then and put them up on the blog. *nods*

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