5 Author Duos I’d Love to Read

5 authord duos i'd love to read

I think co-writing must be horrifically difficult. I mean, I’d definitely freak out if I had to send anything unpolished off, and WHAT IF WE HAD DISAGREEMENTS? It could ruin a friendship. (Or a stranger-ship. Ugh, that would be way worse.) I can see how people like David Levithan & John Green managed it with their alternating chapters, but…The Iron Trial? I have no clue how Holly Black & Cassie Clare co-wrote a whole cohesive – actually pretty decent – novel without any huge hiccups that I could read.

This was sort of supposed to be a Top Ten Tuesday, but I fell in love with the fabulousness of all the potential books. And then naturally I had to share them.

shadow and bone the bone season

1. Leigh Bardugo & Samantha Shannon There’s something about The Bone Season and The Grisha. They just…exude the same vibe. The magic system is rather similar – in The Grisha, the names are more Russian, but otherwise it’s actually pretty similar to the clairvoyance thing in TBD. The headstrong-slightly-bland-protagonist too. I’d personally like to see both authors utilise the settings a bit more? But I think they could write such a fabulous fantasy book. With a gorgeous setting. (I love these series, I swear! I know I sound very crabby in this, but really, I do.)

the dream thieves darkest part of the forest

2. Maggie Stiefvater & Holly Black These ladies write kick-ass fantasy with kick-ass prose, so obviously if they write a book together it would kick ass even more. Both of their books include elements of dark fantasy folklore in a contemporary setting. Dark fantasy in a contemporary setting is probably one of my favourite themes ever. Holly might give some more structure to the unpredictable whimsies of The Raven Cycle – which, you know, I do love, but sometimes it’s nice to have a bit more clue as to what’s happening.

i'll give you the sun aristotle and dante
3. Jandy Nelson & Benjamin Alire Saenz So, uh, the only book by Benjamin Alire Saenz I’ve read is Ari & Dante. But you know what? IT WAS SO IN THE STYLE OF JANDY NELSON. Whose I’ll Give You the Sun made me weep. Their books just feel like whimsically magical paintings in ever so slightly brightened colours. (With the volume turned up, even. *cackles*) Their books are realistic…but also, like, utterly ridiculous. Sometimes you just need an impossibly, ridiculously beautiful book like that.

A Darker Shade of Magic red rising

4. V.E. Schwab & Pierce Brown “Sci-fi and fantasy?!?” you scream, and I know, that’s a big divider. But their styles seem similar to me — CAN YOU IMAGINE THE KILLER PROSE. Both of them write so beautifully, so can you imagine what a beautiful book they would write together??! Dark fantasy with sci-fi and vicious characters would rock. (Maybe, like, a futuristic steampunk thing? I don’t know.) Their settings to me also feel more – wide-spanning? Like there’s a world and people beyond the characters. That’s something I enjoy a lot.

since you've been gone to all the boys i've loved before

5. Morgan Matson & Jenny Han I admit, I did this for the music-themed books. I wasn’t, uh, the greatest fan of Since You’ve Been Gone – everyone else seemed to love it but whilst I did enjoy it, it didn’t stick with me. Jenny Han & Morgan Matson would write a FABULOUS CONTEMPORARY THOUGH, am I right? Cute summer vibes all around. *hands ice-cream* You’re going to need them after all the other depressing co-writes.

What authors would you like to see co-write a book?

18 thoughts on “5 Author Duos I’d Love to Read

  1. YES YES YES TO ALL OF THESE. I’d love to see David Levithan and Morgan Matson write together. idek how I made that connection, but maybe it’s the whole summery and fluffy theme with David’s more philosophical approach as well. It made more sense in my head, but there you have it XD

    1. Yess, that would be AWESOME. I think philosophy and summer would be a fabulous combination. GIVE ME ALL THE DEEP MUSINGS ABOUT ICE CREAMS. Actually…I just want all the contemporary writer duos. 😛 ALL OF THEM.

  2. Great post. I’d love to read something co-written by two really well-known authors, such as Suzanne Collins and J.K.Rowling. That would be interesting! 🙂

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