August Favourites!

Behold the actual anniversary of my monthly favourites. From this date forth, one year ago, I have never missed a faves post?? I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. My memory actually functioned correctly for once. I’m also in denial about the fact that my TMI binge read was a whole year ago. Time flies too fast, argh.

august favourites

1. The Great British Bake Off Um, duh. I’m always up for some GBBO! There’s something comforting about all the pretty cakes and the bad jokes and the dramatic strings in the background whilst people intensely ice gingerbread houses.

2. Paris I AM VERY IN LOVE WITH PARIS & ALL ITS ARCHITECTURE & PRETTY LANGUAGE!! And also, I wrote an entire post about it that is a lot more cohesive than this description. XD

3. Beauty Queens by Libba Bray I got this a few years ago and never got into it. I tried it again and OHMIGOSH AMAZINGNESS. I think maybe I was too young to appreciate the satire last time? *shrugs* I’m not sure, but social justice plus comedy plus beauty queens stranded on an island = instant love.

4. Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda I finally caved in. It was such a fun read! (Oreos get bonus points from me as well. *nods)

5. Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas I was feeling rather mixed towards this, since the fandom seems rather unhappy with it, and… I’m still undecided.I’m not all the way through, but though it’s picked up from the slow start – I don’t know. It’s a bit slow. And I need more Aelin, my baby. ❤ Still: a new Throne of Glass book?!!

6. Horchata HORCHATA IS PROBABLY MY FAVOURITE DRINK EVER. It’s horrifically sweet tiger nut deliciousness, and is also horrifically difficult to find. I don’t drink it that much, since I’ve pretty much only ever seen it in Spain, but we found some in France! I wanted to cart home loads, but I had to settle for the two bottles that were in stock, hehe. WOW, SUCH PROBLEMS I FACE. 😛

How did my bucket list go?

At the beginning of the summer, I wrote a bucket list for all the stuff I wanted to do. Did I complete it?

  • Write that darn book So, I didn’t write it… It would definitely have been nice, but instead I chose to focus on my poetry. Over the summer I was mentored in poetry by the lovely Christina Im, as part of the Glass Kite Anthology Writing Studio, which was amazing. I know you haven’t seen much evidence of this, but I’ve learnt so much. I also got shortlisted for my first competition – what will be my first publication, ahem. *hides* I don’t feel that much like I’ve left writing behind this summer! I just didn’t do what I planned.
  • Raid the library This, I did. I went to the extra large library instead of my usual one and swooned at all the books. I lugged home about 15. For the record, SO WORTH IT. I read some classics as well, which I’d hoped to do – the most notable is Les Mis, which I have been flailing about A Lot. I can flail about dead French revolutionaries far longer than I should. I AM IN LOVE, hehehe.
    Finish all those TV programmes (and watch some decent films) Other than Doctor Who and a few Merlin rewatches with my friend – oh, I cried because they are so not prepared for last episode feels – I didn’t really do this one. I spent a lot of time watching Les Mis, watching a different version of Les Mis, and then just rewatching all of them. XD I’m also super close to finishing the Ghibli collection, since I only have another 3 to go!
  • Go see some art I saw some, but not nearly enough. SELF, I COMMAND THAT THIS BE RECTIFIED.
  • Do some origami You can actually see some evidence for this one! I videoed myself paper-craning and learning how to make shuriken. I also attempted some flowers off-camera. I’m very ready to murder people with my paper.
  • Stargaze I learnt a few constellations, but I sadly haven’t yet tried out my skills. Hopefully once it gets dark a bit earlier?

Stuff from around the internet:

  • I wrote about Wizarding issues that relate to the Muggle world, combined two of my favourite things in The Chocolate Book Tag and discussed my indecision about writing & careers.
  • Nirvana @ Quenching the Quill talked about the myth of the ‘true fan’ and competition in fandom.
  • Bridget @ Stay and Watch the Stars told us why Halsey and her music is awesome.
  • Books and Bark turned two! Also, how Myers Briggs can be super useful when creating characters.
  • An Overthinking Teenager @ Books, Tea and a Onesie and Evi @ Adventuring Through Pages discussed the futures of their blogs & writing posts that they enjoy. I feel this so much.
  • Lauren Aquilina is actually killing me with NEW MUSIC and MAYBE ALBUM SOON?!??

In the diary:

  • I was Very Panicked this time last month and in my frenzy to schedule posts before I left, missed out some things. *coughs*thisfeature*coughs*
  • I went away with my cousins and visited my great aunt! I also went to Paris, but you guys have heard an absolute ton about that. For my mum’s annual uni meet-up, we went up to Liverpool and I mostly just…hung out with everyone? I mean, we played Cluedo. XD
  • I’ve collected up a bunch of posters I had lying around – and also bought a lovely new one – in the hope of redecorating my bedroom walls. My posters are always falling off the tilted wall they’re on now!
  • MY RED HAIR HAS WASHED OUT. I’m not allowed to put it back in because of school, which kinda sucks since I loooved it a lot. I am slightly considering a new haircut, though. I slightly want to get a pixie cut??

I know this has been dragging on, but my blog survey is still happening. I am working from the responses I’ve got now, though though – hopefully some changes will be coming! Most of all I’d like to change the appearance of my blog and its organisation, so if my blog goes a bit mad over the few weeks, I’m very sorry! It should return with a flourish. I’m always on Twitter as well if you’re feeling concerned about my disappearance from the internet. 🙂

How’s your month been? Are any of you returning to school/uni? (I BEGIN TOMORROW, HELP.)

14 thoughts on “August Favourites!

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂 Aw, that sucks – when did you break up? (That must have been only a week or so into my holidays?)
      Haha, I got to school and a few people DID have dyed hair, so. I’m crossing my fingers? OTHERWISE: I attempt a haircut.
      Thanks, I’m so excited to show everyone! 🙂

  1. I’ve finally done with school entirely, and I’m not going back! Although I still have training this week for my job, I’m getting paid and it is quite lovely. Horchata is quite common in the US, in Mexican and even pseudo Mexican restaurants. It also comes in huge quantities, and I can never make it through the thick sweetness entirely. Nicely done on a year of favorites!

    1. Ahaha, that sounds like such a distant future for me! 😛 I hope your training goes well.
      Oh, that’s interesting — I guess there are lots of different things shops elsewhere. All that sweetness probably isn’t, erm, doing wonders for my teeth, haha.
      Thank you so much!

  2. Oh wow, you were mentored by Christina? She’s SUCH a talented poet, and I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with 😀 😀 Simon Vs is just too much awesomeness. I’ve actually heard nothing but positive reviews for QoS, although I’ve heard a couple people give middling ratings.

    Looking forward to seeing the blog redesign!

    1. I’m seriously SO unworthy. XD
      I think the fandom on Tumblr was just freaking out because of the romance in QoS — once I got into it, I actually started to enjoy it a lot! (Not as much as the others. But it was still good.)
      Argh, I need to get working on that! 🙂

  3. Oh pixie cuts are cute 🙂 There’s still plenty of time to write that book, and writing poetry is awesome too! 😀 Also since you’re obsessing about Les Mis I feel obligated to tell you that I believe there’s a Les Mis anime! I haven’t seen it so I have no idea if it’s good though.

    1. Yeaah, I’ve seen them look so awesome on other people, so.
      I’m thinking of writing it for NaNo this year and continuing with poetry otherwise! 🙂
      ARGH OH THANK YOU, I UTTERLY FORGOT ABOUT THAT. 🙂 I mean, I’ve seen one around — I think it was Shoujo Cosette or something? — but I’d really love to try it. (I mean, obviously. ‘Tis Les Mis. XD)

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