Music Monday: Battle Anthems

BATTLE ANTHEMS. Gosh, I love this prompt. I was very disappointed to miss the last Music Monday – hosted by Bridget @ Stay and Watch the Stars – so now I’m extra pumped to share my vicious tunes with you. *cracks knuckles*

I seriously considered writing the words ‘STAR WARS SOUNDTRACK’ on this post and leaving it be. After reconsideration, I decided that might be a little boring for you guys, but I still 100% recommend that as a battle anthem. 😉 8tracks, erm, won’t actually load its webpage at all for me, so this time I’ve gone with both Soundcloud and Youtube. I’m afraid Soundcloud is missing the last track and Youtube will probably have a horrific amount of adverts but: I hope you like it anyway?

battle anthems cover

battle anthems

for smiles with sharpened teeth, for an anarchy that started as your revenge but ended as your salvation.
listen on soundcloud / youtube

drowning – banks
glory and gore – lorde
drive it like you stole it – glitch mob
empty gold – halsey
now – paramore
wicked ones – dorothy
this is war – 30 seconds to mars
shake the sheets – ted leo and the pharmacists

I make no apologies for the Halsey on every single one of my Music Monday playlists. XD.

I am a shameless self promoter, so: BLOG SURVEY. It is still happening. Yes, I know, still. 😛 I’m probably going to be redoing the look and feel of my blog over the next few months, so I would really appreciate some feedback before I get going. (I already have a new url which is super weird but also kind of…cool?)

10 thoughts on “Music Monday: Battle Anthems

    1. I’m always so daunted by playlists filled with songs I don’t know so I DEEPLY APOLOGISE. I did not mean to become such a person. XD
      Yep, obviously, listening is the only way to remedy it ahaha. I hope you enjoy!

  1. OH MY. That image is one of my pins for my witchy NaNo project and seriously, I think I’m going to steal all of the tracks here for my playlist. (YAY, playlist making. Much more fun than synopsis writing XD) Especially love the Lorde song!


    1. *sneaks in* Witchy NaNo project? YESS. 😀 I think I’ve spent more time finding thematic songs than, like, actually writing. I keep telling myself it’s because I need to get IN THE MOOD. XD Yay, I love Glory and Gore. ❤
      *nods* THIS IS VERY TRUE.

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