Music Monday: Nostalgia

I had a lot of fun doing the last Music Monday (hosted by Stay and Watch the Stars) so here I am with another one! This round’s theme is nostalgia. I didn’t want to injure your eardrums with the music I used to listen to so instead I’m doing a more mood-based playlist. I hope you enjoy!

nostalgia cover

time machine

for when you no longer want to forget your ghosts.
listen on soundcloud

bridges – meg mac
is there somewhere (stripped) – halsey
small blue thing – suzanne vega
smother – daughter
broke – lauren aquilina
1901 – birdy

running with the boys (acoustic) – mintttyyy
day of the river (from spirited away) – joe hisaishi

8tracks seems to be going a bit bonkers right now and I can’t find the correct songs, so I’m afraid there will be a delay on that! You can still listen on Soundcloud, but I’d be eternally grateful if any of you can make sense of the CRAZY THINGS HAPPENING. 😛

An important notice: I’m going away on Saturday and will be without internet for those two weeks. I’m getting some posts scheduled, but I won’t be replying to anything or using social media. I’ll miss you guys, but I’ll catch up when I get back! I would be even more grateful if you filled out my blog survey. (Hehe, shameless promotion, but I REGRET NOTHING!)

12 thoughts on “Music Monday: Nostalgia

  1. omg YES this is such a great playlist! And I love Halsey so much, too 😀 Like, I don’t have the words to express how awesome she is.

    1. Yay, I’m glad you like it! OH MY GOSH HALSEY IS ACTUALLY. Amazing. Love her music. We can flail togetheeeerr ❤

    2. Yay, I’m glad you Iike it! Oh my gosh, yes. HALSEY IS AMAZING. Just. *flails* Aah we can be excited about Halsey together! (I so need to comment on your Halsey post eek I’m sorry!)

  2. Another lovely playlist — please DO keep doing these, I love them 😀 😀 8tracks has been acting up for me too — I might switch to Soundcloud permanently, even if the community there is more geared towards original music. *whispers* Also, is that your hand in the picture? I AM IN AWE OF GOOD PHOTOGRAPHERS.

    1. Sure, thanks for the feedback! 🙂 Hehe, they’re super fun to make as well.
      My problem with 8tracks is mostly that I don’t know how to get the tracks I want, really? Idk, I still mostly use it for listening but I know nothing about actually making playlists. 😛 Soundtrack was just a lot easier to make playlists on, for me.
      That is indeed my hand! I now have about 30 different photos of variations on hand/wall from my attempts XD

    1. ALSO WAIT YOU’RE LEAVING :’O i look forward to seeing you back. Until then, we have your scheduled posts so I don’t feel like you’ve disappeared off the net XD Miss youu :’)

      1. It’s so nice to have consistent wifi again ahaha. 😛 I missed talking to everyone so much! (Also SO SORRY for not replying to this until I got back. It doesn’t make much sense now? But yes.)

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