A Long-Overdue Blog Survey



Sorryyy if the photos mess up! Phew. The new WordPress reader is seriously stressing me out. It’s like a new computer but way too irreversible for comfort.

Today’s post is rather boring, I’m afraid, but MAKING MY BLOG MORE AWESOME can’t be that bad, right? Anyway, if you lovely people could fill out this blog survey then I will be eternally grateful and send you boxes of chocolates over the internet. I don’t think I’ve done an actual blog survey…ever? Congratulations! You’ll be making history! *shoos in the direction of the form*

I also wanted to let you guys know that I’m off to YALC at the weekend – are any of you going? I’m afraid that my excitement has rather wreaked havoc on my blogging schedule, but hopefully it’ll be good fun, haha. I’m not cosplaying this time round, but I am wearing my Carry On Simon shirt. Ahem. I live in the hope that this will initiate my bookish conversations for me. 😉

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