Music Monday: Girl Power

GREETINGS, EARTHLINGS. No, don’t worry, I’m not actually so far away so as to be that far behind in time zones. (Though interplanetary travel is excellent.) Today isn’t actually Monday in disguise. In fact, I’m linking up with a new music feature by Bridget @ Stay and Watch the Stars – Music Monday! I don’t write much about music on here, so I thought this would be fun to try. This fortnight’s theme is girl power!



for the girls who felt invisible so taught each other how to be invincible.
listen on soundcloud / 8tracks

ghost – halsey
sweet ophelia – zella day
the outsider (alternate version) – marina and the diamonds
heavy metal heart – sky ferreira
octahate – ryn weaver
send me down – haim
anklebiters – paramore
lonely people – orla gartland

(Heads-up, The Outsider contains explicit language.) Shh, THERE IS STILL TIME TO MAKE YOUR PLAYLIST! Run, mortals friends, run. 😉 I hope that if you listen you enjoy the summer vibes!

9 thoughts on “Music Monday: Girl Power

  1. Eek, music is my favourite thing in the entire world – I’m loving this playlist! Girl power is always a good thing to celebrate, and what better way to do so than with a mix, right? 😉 (Also, random side note: that title is sort of amazing. Word-combining puns give me life.)

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Girl power & music are even more awesome when combined. 😛
      Thank you! Haha, I almost ended up spending more time on the presentation than the mix itself. Word-combining puns are the best. *nods*

  2. Invisible….I love it! Girl power…love it even more! No seriously, I’m loving the wordplay though 😀 Annnnnnd, now I think I have a playlist to listen to. *runs off to listen to said songs*

    1. Girl power is always an excellent thing! :)Thank you, I was kinda worried that it looked like a spelling mistake? IDK. I STRESS TOO MUCH ABOUT THE NON-MUSIC PART. XD
      I hope you like it!

  3. OMG that title is amazing! Out of the ones on this list, I’ve only listened to Halsey, Marina, and Paramore, and I love them, so I’ll have to go listen to the rest of it soon 😀



    I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you over keyboard smashes and breaking hearts and just general feels. Loved the wordplay on invisible/invincible. And seriously, this is so good. *squees* Is this mix on 8tracks too? I seem to remember seeing you there before?

    1. I’M SORRY KEYBOARD. I hope you live to see another day.
      I’m really happy you like it! The wording is an integral part of the playlist, of course. 😉
      Ooh yes, it’s on 8tracks now (I added the link to the post) but it took a bit longer to locate the tracks. I despair as to how people manage to find the original versions, haha.

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