Summer Bucket List

Summer bucket list

Why are bucket lists called bucket lists? This is a question that has eluded me for many months: you’re supposed to put your list into a bucket? You should wear a bucket as you complete the tasks? The…letting go of yourself…symbolises, uh, throwing buckets of water into the sea?? Apparently, though, it’s from a film where some people decided to make a list of things to do before they kick the bucket. How wonderfully cheery is that?! I’m personally hoping to make it to September alive and well., but suit yourselves.

Though I complain about school, I’m a person who likes her life to be organised. I feel lost when I don’t have structure doing the holidays. Thus, I’ve come up with a REVOLUTIONARY and INGENIOUS plan – a bucket list!

ponyo bucket

I’ve never made a bucket list before. I’m not planning for this to end up in the direction of some of the complete-this-mysterious-list books I’ve read. But the summer holidays really give me some time to do some of those things that I’ve been wanting to do for ages but just can’t. Such as…


I’ve had a strange idea wafting around my head ever since last November’s NaNo. I’ve got about 35k down, but since then my idea has morphed in rather a different direction. I’ve been thinking about it far too often for my own good; it’s sort of become my little…recurring daydream. I want to read it a lot. Summer should be an excellent opportunity to get myself sorted out.

2. Raid the library

I don’t mean in my normal fashion, though naturally that’ll have to happen too. πŸ˜‰ I’m thinking more: READ THOSE CLASSICS YOU’VE BEEN EYEING UP FOR AGES. I’d quite like to read Les Mis before I got to Paris which I’m ridiculously excited about. I’m already far too emotionally involved in those characters anyway. I’d also like to try out Wuthering Heights. And Lord of the Rings. And poetry, and maybe some *gasps* non-fiction books as well. I like to learn. Speaking of which:

3. Learn some new useful things

It’d be helpful to sort out my miserably dismal html skills. I also rather fancy some language-learning, either of one I already study or something new WORDS ARE JUST TOO PRETTY OKAY. Maybe some science too, or history, or useless general knowledge trivia. My brain hungers for useless trivia right now.

4. Finish all those TV programmes (and watch some decent films)

I’ve started about a million series (Once Upon a Time, Avatar the Last Airbender, Supernatural etc.) and I still haven’t finished any of them. That’s something I’d like to do. I’m thinking a full day marathon, that sort of thing. Plus, because I’m apparently lumping all camera-film-related things together, I’d like to go to that new cinema nearby. And maybe finally finish all the Ghibli films, so that be all knowledgeable? πŸ˜› It seems a bit of a shame to stay inside when it’s sunny, but British summers usuallyΒ include a bit of rainy downtime.

5. Go see some art

I have fantasies where I go to visit places on my own and then can sit and admire things without feeling awkward. I’d quite like to realise one of them. Maybe visit the British Library too.

6. Do more origami

The only thing I can make is paper cranes. I’m not bad at it; it’s a very good de-stresser. This summer I’d like to either a) have a stab at the thousand cranes or b) learn some different origami. If it’s a choice, paper weapons that I can make/implement during school would be nice.

7. Stargaze

…did I say I wasn’t going to steal things from books? I might have lied there. I just really want to see some stars. One time I woke up whilst camping and it was insane. I don’t see many stars normally so it was insane to see stars falling everywhere. I’d like to stargaze officially (maybe get some constellation knowledge too.)

With any luck, I’ll be able to update you on my progress during summer! I kind of hope that writing all these down will encourage me. (If not, you’re welcome to write a comment with ‘HOW DARE YE’ or the like!)

If your holidays have started, how are they going? Do you have any more ideas for me, or a summer bucket list of your own? πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. This sounds like a fabulous summer plan! I would definitely like to see that WIP, those book hauls, and that origami. And I never knew you did stargazing, that’s super cool! πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you, hopefully I’ll actually remember to do all these things! πŸ™‚ The stargazing was the result of various nights of restless camping, haha.

    1. I’ve read little bits here and there, but it IS rather daunting. I shall try my best, thank you! πŸ™‚
      Yay, hopefully I’ll be able to expand my origami! (And then I can impress people with my excellent procrastinating-in-class skills, haha.) Thanks!

  2. I’M BACK. Ooh, those sound like fab summer plans. My summer so far had been binge watching TV shows – Supernatural has been amazing so far. Um, once you get past more of the disturbing parts. The Bloody Mary one? Not cool XD I’ve also started Pretty Little Liars ~

    Avatar amazing though. Ahh finish it so I can fangirl with you asdklj πŸ˜› Paper weapons? A thousand paper cranes? Sounds pretty good except I would end up with shredded pieces of paper next to me while I pathetically wipe away a lone tear at my attempts.

    ONE CAN STILL TRY THOUGH, RIGHT?! πŸ˜› Good luck for all of these ❀

    1. Yay, welcome back! πŸ™‚
      Binge watching shows in an EXCELLENT way to pass the time. Oh yes, I remember that one… The whole bloody mary thing was kind of spoiled for me after I read a rather terrible book about it, though. (I’ve got to confess that I’ve skipped some episodes if they look to scary, haha.) Ooh, is Pretty Little Liars good? I’ve got some friends who watch it, but I don’t know if I should stop.
      I used to watch Avatar an absolute AGE ago, whilst it was still on TV, but I could never remember what it was called. πŸ˜› I shall try to finish in due course!
      That sounds a lot like my attempts…though I still hold hopes of ninja-hood someday. πŸ˜‰
      Thank you!

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