Why I Don’t Write Book Reviews

I’m not exactly a book blog. My blog is very good at morphing and not being in one of those…what do you call them…ah, yes. Niches. One of them. πŸ˜‰ Still, it’s no secret that I adore books and I’ll happily tell you how fabulous many of them are. No, what it seems like I’m missing are book reviews. I’d like to say I have a wonderful and enlightening reasoning for this, but sadly not.

Most of all, I don’t post reviews because I don’t really like writing them. I’d rather spend time doing something else. I’m pretty sure this is also related to the fact that I’m not awfully good at it.

See, I don’t read many reviews. I have huge, huge respect for people who do write reviews – you are all amazing and I have no idea how you do it! – but I don’t tend to browse reviews much unless it’s for a) a book I’m looking to buy or b) a book I’ve already read and want to flail about with other people. Writing sites will always tell you that reading is the best way to write, and I’m 90% sure that also goes for book reviews. I think I could get better at reviewing if I wanted to. I just…don’t think I do.

Part of it’s also down to bit of irritating subconscious thing I have: I always want to be different. (Even writing this post feeds that.) I’m that one who always wants to choose a different subject for their project, get a different result, whatever. Doing good in the same subject as others isn’t what I want. I must be DIFFERENT and DIVERGENT and MORE SPECIAL.

It’s quite annoying. But there we go.

That title is a bit of a lie, if I’m honest. I’m fine to occasionally write book reviews for other sites and I’m not averse to bookish goodies either. I went through a phase when I posted some on Goodreads. I’m also cool to give my opinion; as I’m sure my friends know, there’ve been many occasions where I’ve ranted/fangirled about books constantly. I just…don’t want to scribble down my analysis. Who’s it actually helping? What’s it achieving for me?

I’ve made peace with not writing reviews. Being lazy and sticking to my comfort zone interests is fine for me at the moment; if I want to, I can always pick up the pen again.

Do any of you write reviews? What do you think of it?

14 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Write Book Reviews

    1. Yeah, I tried it for a little while… I don’t know if it gets better, but I couldn’t really be bothered to find out, haha. Life’s too short to waste time doing stuff I’d rather I wasn’t doing!

  1. I never feel like sitting down and writing a review after I have finished a book! There are so many times while writing that I have to erase because I feel like I am babbling or ranting too much. I can see why you don’t like doing it, sometimes it can be a real pain.

  2. That is exactly me! I dislike book reviews (unless they’re by someone with a really cool personality) and I’m awful at them. I have decided, however, that I’m rather good at making playlists for books. Glad to know you feel the same about doing something different! Awesome post!

    1. *high fives* It’s good to find a kindred spirit!
      I haven’t yet tried making a book playlist, but I absolutely adore listening to them. πŸ™‚ Thank you, I’m glad to hear it!

  3. I totally know what you mean about “niche” — I’ve been blogging for so long and I still don’t know whether to classify myself as a writing or book blog. I think most book bloggers review books that publishers send them, so that’s probably the motivation for reviewing so much (and so well!), because books (especially free books) are obviously the best. I do a little side-reviewing for a co-review blog, but I really don’t have the motivation to review most of the books I do. (And as for being special, you’re definitely a special snowflake XD)

    1. What is this apparent obsession with niches?!? It’s so hard to confine yourself to just one thing. (Especially when there’s all sorts of shiny new things to write about!)
      I can definitely see the motivation in free books, haha. I guess they’re a reward of sorts for all the reviewing effort? πŸ™‚ But personally, I don’t really have the motivation to build up a review base either.

  4. Yeah…I don’t consider my blog a book blog either. It’s more of a life blog…thingy. Mostly I post about what’s happening in my life or what’s been going on in my brain (it’s a dangerous place.) Even in my reviews you can find my opinions that are not quite book-related.
    I do write reviews, but not a lot. Everytime after finishing a book I’m itching to write a review, and I read a lot of book blogs so reviewing books is something I see myself doing more. BUT when I write reviews I want EVERYTHING to be perfect and have everything on my mind typed up in a readable and coherent review AND analyse EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING (and also flail). That’s a lot of work and I find it really time-consuming; I just don’t have the time to do it that much πŸ˜› .
    I really like the way your blog is, as I like to stalk, um, I mean have a glimpse of other people’s lives once in a while. Especially those random posts not fitting into any categories! Those are definitely special πŸ™‚ . Oh, and don’t let the thought of wanting to be special bother you too much. I guess everyone has that (I certainly do), just try to, erm, let it motivate you instead of stop you do what you want? (gosh I’m bad at giving advice)

    1. Yes – though the word ‘niche’ is thrown around, most of the blogs I read are life-y/opinion/random blogs! There’s something exciting about coming across people’s thoughts.
      Sometimes I make mental notes about the book as I read it, but I can never be bothered to write stuff down. πŸ˜› I totally get what you mean about wanting both struggling to condense all the thoughts down whilst STILL keeping it readable and making everything work. (Flailing is a very important part of the reading process, naturally!)
      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy reading. It’s definitely a bit of a splurge of my brain, haha.
      Yeah, I don’t know if that’s something specific to me, but I hope that in identifying it I can use it for productive and good things. No, no, it’s always lovely to hear people’s experiences and advice; don’t worry at all! πŸ™‚

  5. I’d say I write book reviews, but in the end it ‘book review’ would end up me just either fangirling over it or just talking casually about it. I’m too lazy for writing criticism πŸ˜›

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