Poetry: Persephone

poetry persephone

*rises from pit of nothingness* I LIVE! I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m actually still here. You know. I’m afraid that May favourites are probably going to be a little delayed this time round due to exams and all that, but they should be up by next weekend. (But that might have to allow for some wiggle room.)

I haven’t posted any poetry in a while, and since I have a few odds and ends collecting dust in the depths of my computer I decided to dig one of those out for you today. And look! Line breaks! Impressive, right? 😉 No, seriously. I usually struggle a lot with line breaks (sometimes just omitting them) so I’m rather pleased with that. I can’t for the life of me fix the middle section, but SOMEDAY. SOMEDAY. *nods head vigorously*

Also I’m awful with titles and this didn’t turn out how I meant it to so it’s not so relevant BLEURGHH plus I reused all my old lines


your ring is polished from
nights of skin and guilt you’re
trying to erase her but the
vanish isn’t working

on your body
either: you insist that
you’re fine but your fingernails tell a
different story, one of caffeine and corpses and
lipstick accusations in the
still there. (the

fridge light watches, dispassionate, your
ungodly tears. see, you’ve twisted the
game too much:

the hell you made for her haunts
you instead.)

7 thoughts on “Poetry: Persephone




    That is all. (Well, okay, it isn’t. But even though I’m a sucker for stories where Persephone chose to go with Hades, I love the bitter realism in this situation. asjsdf. Just. *flails harder*

    1. THANK YOUU 🙂
      I think some recuperation is going to be required for a while now, though… 😦 I have a ridiculous amount of emotions for Persephone and Hades.

  2. I would put all the flails, but Alyssa seems to have covered it for me, so just pretend I’m doing the same. 🙂
    But this is really good! My favorite line is “the hell you made for her haunts you instead”. It seems to expand it more, I guess, make you go “oh right”. Anyways, really lovely but melancholy!

  3. O.o I know practically NOTHING about poetry so please forgive this big bunch of ignorance and confusion here.

    What is this poem about? Like, I know the story of Persephone but I can understand the poem. And is there a special meaning for breaking the lines like that? I can’t find the pattern! Sorry! But you already did an awesome job by writing out what you wanted to AND posting it online:)

    1. Oh, don’t worry at all! I’m rather an amateur poet so though I have whole swathes of grand schemes planned out in my head, barely any of it actually makes it into the poem. 😛 Thus: vague metaphors!
      Haha, you’ll probably be searching for a long time if you’re looking for actual mentions of Hades x Persephone. This one is, um, basically just Hades moping about Persephone leaving.
      Same goes for the lines, haha! I don’t tend to do exact schemes, so mostly it’s just what feels right, or to emphasise a word, or to get an effect. Sometimes to create a specific shape for the poem. 🙂
      Thanks for reading, anyway!

      1. Ah, alright. I guess I just need to read a lot more poems XD
        *mutters in the corner, “poetry is so freaking weird. poets are also weird. and also words. and robert frost. and the road not taken, gah that poem” *

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