The Book Lover’s Questionnaire Tag

Book lover's questionnaire

I was tagged for this a positive age ago – I’m sure we all know how great I am at keeping up with tags! šŸ˜‰ – by the lovely Galloping Free. Revision is still being pesky, as ever, so I thought I’d have some fun doing a type of post I haven’t done in a while. šŸ™‚

Do you have a specific place for reading?
Eh, not really. Everywhere is my specific reading place!

Bookmark or random piece of paper?
(I’m not seeing the option for dog-earing. What?!) I go through phases, to be honest. For a while I was very diligent with my bookmarks but at the moment it’s slipped back into dog-earing/a scrap of whatever homework is lucky enough to be nearby at the time of reading.

Can you stop anywhere in a book or do you have to finish the chapter?
If I’m enjoying the book a lot, or if it’s reaching a climax, I’ll read to the end of the chapter. (Or more. I’m hopeless.) If it’s not so riveting then I’ll just stop at the end of my page.

Music or TV while reading?
I don’t know if you’re asking me which one, or whether I mind either. Ah well. I don’t like to read and watch TV simultaneously – I just can’t concentrate on either – but I don’t mind music. I used to be very picky about music but nowadays I like it!

Do you eat or drink while reading?
Um, it depends? Reading isn’t like a sacred and allotted activity for me. It’s just something that I do, constantly. I read whilst walking and brushing my teeth and when I wake up and in between lessons and before I got to bed. I’ll probably have a glass of water nearby, though. The food is possible, but from some of my unfortunate experiences, I’ve learnt that crumbs and books don’t mix very well.!

One book at a time or several?
Several, several, always. If I’m in a bit of a reading slump it can go up to 6 or 7, but usually it’s around 3. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the books; it’s just always been that way! I also have some books that stretch out over ridiculous periods of time. (Case in point: Game of Thrones.) At the moment I think I’m reading 4? I know it sounds like a lot but it doesn’t feel like it. It just depends on my mood!]

Reading at home or elsewhere?
Again: reading for me happens everywhere! I’ll usually only read my book at home or school because, you know, books are kind of bulky to lug around, but I tend to keep a tab open of fic/poetry/online fiction on my phone.

Read out loud or silently?
Silently. It would probably do me good to read aloud, since I’m an awful skim-reader, though.

Do you read ahead or skip pages?
I used to skip ahead a lot. I’ve fallen out of that recently, but what I will do is once I’ve finished the book go back to reread all the favourite scenes. If the book’s atrociously boring I’ll skip ahead, but I do try not to.

Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?
I’m not purposefully brash in the way I handle books. I try to keep them nice and looking fairly new. (If I’ve bought them, it usually means that it’s a book I’ve previously borrowed from the library and wanted for myself, or one that I was really desperate for. So. I have good reason!)

Do you write in your books?
One of my friends has a long standing joke about how I always write my name in the front of my books when I lend them to other people. (Hush. I know you’re not going to steal it. It’s just…habit, I guess?) With the exception of Throne of Glass, I don’t write besides that.

That’s it! I don’t think I’ll tag anyone this time, but if you’re reading this you’re completely welcome to tag yourself. With any luck, posting will be vauguely back to normal next month. šŸ™‚ I have some awesome event news to share with you guys!

2 thoughts on “The Book Lover’s Questionnaire Tag

  1. I’m a terrible dog-earer and I’m always ashamed to tell other book lovers that I do it, but I do. I never have used bookmarks. I break the spine in too, on my paperbacks. Ugh, I’m terrible.

    1. I feel like a lot of book lovers are seen as keeping all their books in super edition, but not all the time for me. šŸ˜› I just never got into it when I was younger, I guess?
      Side note: Sabrina @ Books and Bark actually wrote a great post about dog-earing books here, if you wanted to read it!

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