7 Pointless Ways to Procrastinate

7 pointless ways to procrastinate

Procrastinating is an art. Though social media is excellent, to be a true procrastinator you must also be able to perform your art in a variety of different ways – and if you have yet to embrace these during the joyful exam period, then here! Have a list that will effectively finish all productive revision!

(If you, like, me are actually in exam period right now then I’d probably advise not implementing any activities mentioned. Just saying.)

1. Play some oldey-timey games
Don’t tell me there wasn’t a fight for the one library computer in after school club. Seriously. That one with the green pipe and the bouncy ball one was my childhood (I’m very upset that I can no longer find it). If your memory is mysteriously blank then I’d suggest starting with Fireboy and Watergirl, Circle the Cat or Bloons Tower Defence. The sound of popping virtual balloons is strangely therapeutic.

2. Do some dumb calculations
‘How many books are in the library?’ ‘How many DVDs do I own?’ ‘How many teachers are teaching in my school at any one time?’ etc.

3. Find out dumb records
Again, the nostalgia from endless Guinness Book of World Records. What, you don’t have the newest edition? Never fear. The internet is your friend. My search history favourites include ‘longest piece of literature in the world’ (a Super Smash Bros fanfiction that clocks in at over 4 million words) ‘most married person’ (Linda Wolfe, with 23 marriages) and ‘farthest squirting of milk from the eye’ (279.5cm by Ilker Yilmaz).

4. Visit some pointless websites
My suggestions are Dot on the Horizon, Click to Remove, How Many Goats Are You Worth? and Please Wait.

5. Watch Pointless
You can say you’re watching ironically and because of my excellent pun, but we all know the truth. Pointless is the only game show worth any one’s time.

6. Find a playlist for every single action of the day
‘Saturday morning’, ‘Saturday breakfast’, ‘shower’, ‘getting ready’, ‘homework’, ‘making lunch’, ‘Saturday lunch’, ‘Oh look it’s started raining’, ‘Good job I don’t have to go out now’, ‘Let’s stay inside and watch Doctor Who instead’ ‘Wait, I have to publish this blog post first’ etc.

7. Learn how to say something in a language you’re not fluent in
This is probably the most productive items on this list. Quotes from your favourite books are especially fun – if you don’t want to buy a whole book and compare editions then you can get lots of sample chapters from Amazon.

I’m getting along well with my revision, as you can see. 😉 (No, seriously. I really am sorry for the lack of posts and such. It looks like this month is going to continue in this direction, unfortunately.)

Are any of you revising for exams at the moment? Is your studying going better than mine? 😛

24 thoughts on “7 Pointless Ways to Procrastinate

  1. During my Master’s dissertation, I did the following:

    1. Read some irrelevant books such as fictions and other nonsensical books.
    2. Play the Rubik’s cube while breaking my personal records.
    3. Surf on great time-wasting sites like tv tropes and Geocities (when it still exists).
    4. Watch a lot of movies.
    5. Solve mathematical problems that are not related to my dissertation.
    6. Get myself addicted to DotA, GTA, etc…
    7. Watch a lot of sports as if I have a lot of free time.
    8. Learn to use Adobe Photoshop.
    9. Answer questions or troll others in Yahoo Answers.
    10. …and other BS.

    Until now, I’m still wondering how on earth did I pass and graduate 🙂

    1. The procrastinators shall unite! This rather puts my list to shame… Really, there’s just too many ways to spend time when you know you should be doing work. 😛

      1. Yeah, there are just too many things that can take my attention from work haha…

    1. This is probably the only instance my procrastination has come in useful, haha.
      High five on the goats! 😛 I’m apparently worth 9 goats as well.
      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Help, exam season is about to go full throttle on me and I am SO GUILTY. I won’t try any of these. I swear. I mean, why would I do that? … Yeah, we all believe me.

    1. Ah, no, eek! 😛
      All the exams at the moment are just BLEURGH. I’m not sure how stressing me out actually makes me a more educated person…? *shrugs*

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