7 Reasons Carry On is Going to Be Awesome

carry on awesome

In case you missed the numerous incidents of fangirling, I’m a really big fan of Rainbow Rowell’s meta-series Simon Snow. It was absolutely CRAZY when she announced that she was writing a real book based on Simon and Baz and all the inhabitants of Watford. Now that the cover and (slightly ominous subtitle) have been announced, I thought it was time to tell you guys all the reasons that Carry On is set up to be the awesomest thing in the universe.

1. Simon and Baz are going to be in love. Obviously, this is a pleasing thing. Who doesn’t want their ship to be canon? 😛 But I’m also really pleased that it wasn’t passed up and relegated to subtext or snippets of Cath’s fanfiction. (See, I speak the truth!) I don’t know, I just feel like some things (coughSherlockcough, however much I love the show) string shippers along a bit.

2. There’s going to be some actual content to write fanfic from. Hurrah! The amount of Simon Snow canon is frankly miserable. Many details have had to be made up by the members of the fandom. Naturally, we’re going to need some fic to sustain us beyond October, and with luck Carry On will boost that a little. (I’m also not too sure if Pegatha is going to be a thing in Carry On, so I need that too.)

3. It shows that genre-hopping is 100% okay. I really have to rack my brain to think of an author who has made such a radical jump as the one from contemporary to fantasy. Rainbow’s said that whilst she reads and watched a lot of fantasy, she’s never written it – it’s a wonderful thing that an established author has the courage to do this!

4. And also that JK Rowling has not patented the ‘magic school’ trope. It’s hard to deny that there are Simon Snow/Harry Potter parallels. They exist. Rainbow ships Drarry. But if you want to take a look at this great post, hopefully you can see that they are different. Rainbow’s said that she just considers it to be straight-up fiction.

5. Plus that authors can do whatever the cheesecake they want with their writing. Carry On is, like, a book from a book within a book. THIS GENRE-SMASHING IS EPIC, GUYS.

6. It’s still a story with it’s roots in the fandom. Whilst Rainbow has said that she’d just like it considered as straight-up fiction, it’s also true that it has some connections with fanfic. After all, that was a big part of Fangirl. Fanfic can sometimes be shunned by people (go read this for why it’s awesome!) and it’s just nice to see a mainstream novel not doing that. Rainbow is a really cool fannish author and….BLEURGH. Simon Snow is a cool fandom to be in.

7. For once, the crazy hopes of the fandom are actually coming true! There was rumour-mongering. There were small hopes. Many people thought it was a little bit doomed. But no! This time, the crazy rumours are actually coming true. Authors, take note. 😉

What, were you doubting my ability to write an entire post on a book not yet published? O YE OF LITTLE FAITH. 😛 Hopefully you are now all sufficiently persuaded to buy and read the wonderful Fangirl, if you haven’t already. And also to pre-order Carry On, because it’s never to early.

Do I spot any fellow Simon Snow fans out there? If so, do feel free to discuss/flail with me. Otherwise: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? 😉

27 thoughts on “7 Reasons Carry On is Going to Be Awesome

    1. I knooow! *flails*
      I actually don’t like the cover quite as much as some of her others, but it’s still lovely. (Also: SIMON SNOW. How can I not??)

    1. I know, October can’t come fast enough!From what I remember, I found out just before I had to perform in a choral concert? I’m pretty sure the people in the dressing room thought I was going a bit crazy 😛

    When I read Fangirl for the first time, I must admit that I didn’t enjoy the Simon Snow parts as much. But I love the concept and with Rainbow’s writing skillz, this will be awesome. 😀

    1. I actually didn’t like Fangirl that much at all the first time I read it. But on re-reading I completely fell in love with Cath, Simon & co for some reason. *shrugs*
      But either way, it’s a really interesting concept and it will be awesome to see what Rainbow does with it! 🙂

  2. I’m so excited for carry on to come out! i recently finished reading fangirl and I can’t wait to fangirl with cath about simon and baz :p

  3. I saw the title of this post and legitimately squealed. YES SIMON BAZ FEELINGS SO MUCH!!! I think it’ll be awesome to see the details/history of the Carry On world because of how much it is (obviously) compared to Harry Potter… I wonder how’ll she change that? Or if she will?

      That’s one of the parts I’m most interested to see, I think. Like, will muggles have a similar name I think the fandom has made one but I guess she can’t use that? HOW DOES WATFORD WORK WITH EIGHT YEARS? And do they have like a Diagon Alley thing?? So many questions. It’ll be cool to see how similar/different it is to HP, definitely.

  4. I don’t read much contemporary, so I haven’t tried Rainbow Rowell, but she seems like a fantastic writer and fantasy is right up my alley … do you think I can just read Carry On? And oh my god you just made me want this SO MUCH. I’m convinced.

    1. She’s one of my favourite authors! 🙂 I am very sure that it is okay to just read Carry On. 😛
      Haha, I’m glad the purpose of this post was accomplished! (I’m like a walking advert for this book, I swear.)

  5. I BASICALLY LOVE THAT IT’S A BOOK-WITHIN-A-BOOK. *fails* I was dubious at first, but gah, I want. I love the genre hopping too. xD I actually know a whole stack of authors that’ve successfully done it, so I’m 100% confident Rainbow Rowell will be EPIC. (Dan Wells is a pretty big genre hopper! He does from contemporary to paranormal to dystopian. Also Daniel Handler does. And Patrick Ness!!) ANYWAY. Loved this post and totally agree with your points! x)

    1. YES, it’s had such an interesting backstory! I’m sure the genre-hopping will be just as excellent as her contemporary. 🙂 (Ooh yes, I hadn’t thought of those! *adds to mental list*)
      Thank you! 🙂

  6. OMG! I loved her Simon Snow series while I was reading Fangirl! I didn’t know there was going to be an actual book written about it – SOO excited!!!

    1. I definitely came around to the Simon Snow excerpts on re-reading (as you’ve probably guessed)!
      Ahaha, I’m glad you now know of the awesome news. 🙂

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