Framing My Life?

Framing my life

I wear glasses. I have done since I was 3. Although I know some people do, I don’t hate them – I kinda like the way they look on my face. (Except when they slide down. But that’s mostly because of my greasy nose.)

Sometimes I do wonder, though, if I would have turned out any differently if I didn’t wear them.

Obviously, I know what glasses should not be a personality trait. They’re just a problem with my eyes. Yet I can’t help but notice that the majority of the glasses-wearers in my year at school are in my friendship group – and many of the ones who aren’t wear contacts instead. It makes me feel a little ashamed of these glasses that I really do quite like. It makes me want to throw them across the room and pick up a packet of those expensive jelly things and stuff them in my eyes as fast as I can.

Well, not really. Although I can see how contact lenses would be useful, and I’ll probably try them sometime, I don’t see them as something I would wear constantly. Glasses might be restrictive in a surprising number of way: eating spaghetti, rain, steamy bathrooms, losing them/losing things, roller coasters, taking photos (and photos of said glasses), swimming and such, but I’m used to it. I get that those are very trivial things compared to what it could be, but still. If you want to get rid of them, you gotta pay.

The things that gets me most though are the – dare I say – ‘negative’ connotations that come with these frames: nerdy, awkward, uncool etc. Unfortunately, that’s still the way that they seem to be portrayed in many fictional works, and it’s just made worse because I am. I do like reading and writing and all of that. I wouldn’t want to change myself. It’s simply that…I wonder.

What if I hadn’t been born with eyes like this? Would I still be who I am today? After all, glasses weren’t uncool in Reception. People asked to try them on a lot, with all the ‘how many fingers am I holding up?’ majazz. (By the way, never ask that. It’s bloody irritating once you pass the point of primary school, okay?)

I suppose that glasses aren’t important in the grand scheme of things. (After all, bad eyesight seems to have completely disappeared from fantasy and dystopian novels that aren’t Harry Potter.) I don’t know. I guess that it’s just that…I’d like the stigma to go. And, as ever, I’m still wondering.

9 thoughts on “Framing My Life?

  1. I got glasses around two years ago, and despised them with a loathing that makes me smile when I think of it now. I hated everything to do with them, and concocted schemes to get out of wearing them.

    Yeah. I’m weird 😉 But the glasses kind of grew on me, I guess. They became a part of me, enough that I actually prefer wearing glasses to not wearing them. And you don’t see enough of glasses in fiction. If they do, they’re either your typical reader – ahem, obsessive fangirl – or the stereotypical ‘nerd’ in high school. I don’t know…I know a lot of people who have bad eyesight who scream at the sight of books.

    [end of ramble]

    1. Ahaha, when I was younger I actually used to pretend my eyesight was worse so that I could get different frames. 😛
      That’s good to hear 🙂 And YES, glasses are pretty much invisible in fiction. (Despite the fact that like 4 people in my class have them?? There’s got to be some kind of statistic somewhere.)

      1. Lol, I used to do the exact opposite. I’d pretend my eyesight was perfect when it clearly WASN’T. I realize now that it’s probably made the problem worse 😉 *sigh*

  2. I wear glasses too, and I have to say I love the nerd look, even though they’re sometimes really expensive :S It’s true, though, the eyeglasses are very negatively stereotyped in some surroundings. The stigma is regrettable, but I’m totally proud of being a four-eyed nerd XD

  3. I’ve worn glasses since I was 8 – I actually just got contacts a couple of days ago. I like my glasses, but I just find it so annoying when it rains and I can’t see, or when I drink/eat something hot and my vision fogs up…

    1. I can totally sympathise – for some reason my glasses always steam up whilst eating spaghetti? *shrugs*
      How are you doing with your contacts? 🙂

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