Poetry: Lady of the Lake

Poetry lady of the lake

So, this is my first go at prose poetry…? (If that’s what it actually is. I fail at definitions of poetry form.) I took some inspiration from the Merlin/Nimue myth, but I think that this did evolve from that into its own story. I’m happy with some parts, I think. though not all. I feel like I’m getting a little better at this editing lark. A little. Maybe.

As ever, comments & critique are much appreciated! I also have some exciting bookish things happening at the moment, but I’m sadly not allowed to talk about them yet. (I promise, I’m not just giving annoying cliffhangers. *glares at Pierce Brown* Though that wouldn’t be too far a stretch of the imagination. But I’m not, I swear! 😉 )

Lady of the Lake
i. she is volatile, mercurial. she likes to bait the sleeping bear just for the fun of it, but you look away because she’s a wild thing, too.
ii. your skin is stained with her consonants and coffee breath rhythms. her eyeliner is as much a drug as her cigarettes and all of it is addictive.
iii. when you asked for a wizard and received a witch, you didn’t realise how different they were. her contradictions are your cure, but they tell you they’re a curse. you don’t listen. you tell her everything, anyway.
iv. you sign away your heart at the altar whilst she kisses another behind the church walls. she is a fickle being, but you love her, anyway.
v. you don’t know how to calculate theorems anymore, unless it’s from the geometry of her face. her mind is filled with star birth and supernovae against your own worn torchlight.
vi. she is a broken thing, but isn’t that the way geniuses always are? she falls apart from the fault lines on her skin and you can’t seem to unravel the strings between you.
vii. you know that she is your death and your drowning, but as you surrender yourself to her lips you start to think that maybe it no longer matters.

19 thoughts on “Poetry: Lady of the Lake

  1. I found this to be a very enjoyable story you’ve weaved. It’s amazing what stories can be told through poetry! I’m glad I came across your blog, it is very unique. I look forward to reading more of your art!

    1. 🙂 Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed! The Book Lovers Questionnaire looks fabulous fun (who, me? A book lover? You wouldn’t have guessed 😉 ). Hopefully you’ll be seeing it on a post sometime soon, but if not then feel free to send a gentle reminding comment. (I’m a rather forgetful person in this respect, unfortunately!)

  2. Well it’s a lot more thought out than my poetry haha.
    No but it’s actually really good you’re a good poet! 🙂

    1. *scuttles off to check link* Ooh, looks like fun! Hopefully a post will appear in the near future, but I have a but of a habit of forgetting tags and such so, so feel free to give a gentle reminder/threat if it looks like I’ve forgotten xD

  3. Fabulous! I write quite some prose poetry myself, and I’m absolutely blown away by that rhythm in your work. I’ve yet to try numbered prose poetry though — I see that a lot on Tumblr, but haven’t picked up the courage to do so myself.

    1. Thank you so much! I actually got the numbering idea from Tumblr, haha. 😛 In some ways, I think it made writing easier, because I could pick different aspects to tell instead of one flowing thing. (Does that make sense? I’m not really sure. I mean, I guess that’s what paragraphs or stanzas are for, but still. :P)


    So if we ignore the fact that I am a horrible person who totally forgets to comment here 99% of the time, I’M JUST REALLY INCREDIBLY PROUD OF YOU RIGHT NOW, OKAY. (Is that weird? I feel like that’s weird. That’s so weird.) Just. The music and the rhythm and the metaphor and the story and EVERYTHING IN THIS IS SO PERFECT I AM HAVING TROUBLE STAYING OFF CAPS LOCK.

    *tackle hugs you* This is so gorgeous, love. Excuse me while I sit in a corner and flail forever.

    1. Eek, thank you so much! ❤ Your poetry is just AWESOMESAUCE so it means a lot to me. (Did I just say awesomesauce? I can't believe I said that. But it is. :P)

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