The Devil Orders Takeout Blog Party

The Devil Orders Takeout - Birthday Giveaway 2015

The awesome Alyssa over at The Devil Orders Takeout is hosting a blog party! Her blog has just got a snazzy new design, too, and it’s so preeettyy…


I encourage you all to join, not only because of the inherent coolness of a bog party, but also for the free virtual cake. Everyone likes cake, right? (Gosh, this is making me hungry. I really shouldn’t have brought cake up.)

1. If you win, what book would you like?

Hmmm…either The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski, because it seems like literally everyone is flailing over it, or A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab because I missed out on getting an ARC and it has so many things I love in a book: parallel worlds! Fantasy-historical setting! Also, London! (I don’t know whether I should be happy or devastated that the Fangirl collector’s edition isn’t out yet. I don’t think I could restrain myself.)

2. What would your ideal bookmark look like? (If you own it, show us a picture!)

I’m more of a dog-ear person, to be honest (I’m sorry, poor books) but I’ve always liked those dictionary bookmarks. I imagine it would be much more practical than turning on the computer just to look up the meaning of a word.

dictionary bookmark

3. What’s a book you want to read/write but have been putting off forever?

What, that one I’m writing at the moment?

awkward laugh

4. One urban myth you’ve heard about China? (Because CHINA. I’ll drop by and clear it up :D)

I don’t think I know any…? Seriously? I’m not exactly in the gossip loop. (I actually once visited, when I still lived in Japan. Well, there are some photos of a 5-year-old me on the Great Wall, anyway).

5. List your blogging inspirations.

In true Blue Peter fashion, let me point you to that handy list I made earlier at the side of the blog – >
It needs updating, though. Several of the blog names are now outdated, and I also seem to be missing Paper Fury. You can probably go and look at my Bloglovin account, too – do they show the blogs I follow? *shrugs*

Now go! Go join up the blog party! You can find the post and giveaway here (plus the pretty blog design). I hope you had a great birthday, Alyssa!



5 thoughts on “The Devil Orders Takeout Blog Party

  1. Aaaah, thank you so much for joining, Taile! here, don’t be hungry — here’s some red velvet virtual cake for you. I just read The Winner’s Curse and I have to say that’s a good choice! My copy of ADSOM is currently shipping its long way here, although I’m not sure if TBD has it in stock — I was stalking that page for the first few days after its release, haha.

    One of my friends has that dictionary bookmark! Me, I’m too lazy to even look it up on my Kindle. Also, KILLER answer to question 3. XD XD And I’m super honoured to be on your blogroll (although it seems it’s still my old name, haha.) Thanks again for joining, and enjoy your cake!

    1. Om nom, ’twas a truly delicious piece of virtual cake.
      Ah yes, I actually forgot to check the availability on TBD! I kind of like to stalk my fave books in the library to see how many people have checked them out. ^^’
      I’m kind of worried that the bookmark would get crushed, though? I don’t think it would take too kindly to being carried around and crushed in my locker at school.
      Haha, yeah – I REALLY need to update my blogroll. There are several other things like that 🙂 I had a lot of fun participating, and happy birthday again!

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