I’m Not Going to Romanticise Poetry

My great-uncle sets crosswords. I’ve personally never set (or solved) a crossword in my life, but I like to think that it’s not all that different from how I write poetry.

The pretty-language part of poetry is, for me, all about hiding your meaning in your words. (Scrap all that creative inspiration stuff.) It’s like playing the Association Game: you’ve got to find something that’s related, but at the same time as different as you can get it, and by the end you can see no relation to what you started with at all; you’ve chosen your path so well that you can’t quite remember your way back through the maze. Logic tells you that is related, and you know it’s true, but it also feels a little bit like cheating.

So, despite the fact that I can’t solve a crossword to save my life, I hold a glimmer of hope that I’ve inherited some of my great-uncle’s crossword-setting skills. I’m now off to use them in an excellent manner by reading Pierce Brown’s Golden Son – which is to say, not using them at all!

6 thoughts on “I’m Not Going to Romanticise Poetry

  1. That’s an interesting analogy for poetry and an angle I’ve definitely not considered before! Personally, I love reading poetry, but I can’t write it very well – I dabble in poetic prose a little, though.

    1. I love to both read and write it, though I’m really not very good at the latter!

      In poems and books, creativity always seems to be described as something beautiful and abstract and impossible to decipher, but it doesn’t feel like that for me. I wanted to put my own experiences out there as well.

  2. This is such a fabulous post though. I love your take.

    Poetry is taking a concept and dressing it up in pretty words πŸ˜‰ I really used to be into writing poetry a while ago, but nowadays reading it is what I like doing better. Maybe someday?

    P.S I can’t solve a crossword to save my life either XD Associations is a little better.

    1. πŸ˜„ Thank you! (Fabulous, that is my simple request xD)

      It’s kind of similar for me – I’ve been into writing poetry ever since I was young, but I fell out of it in recent years. My urge to write again was sparked when I read some wonderful poems. c:

      Haha, high five! I’m okay at the crosswords in Biology, though – some reason, we get them a lot as worksheets in class. (And UGH this new notifications bar is confusing me. I hope this comment posts.)

    1. They’re word puzzles that you find in the newspaper where I am, with cryptic clues to the words! They look kind of like this:

      Thank you for the nomination! πŸ™‚ I’d love to do it – I’ll try my best to get it done vaguely</em soon. (I have an unfortunate habit of forgetting to do these things xD)

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