The TMI Tag

The tmi tag

If you were thinking that this was the Mortal Instruments tag, then I’m sorry to say you’re mistaken. It is, in fact the Too Much Information tag, in which I answer a frankly ridiculous amount of questions which inform you upon random things about me. (Ah, the innocent days when TMI stood for too much information and HP was a just garnish.)

The person who tagged me, Anna, eliminated a few questions about weight and such, and I’ve kept it the same. This puts me 7 questions down, with a grand total of 43. I’ve also changed all the ‘favorites’ to ‘favourite’, because I’m just a bit of a moody grammar lady. So, let’s go!

1: What are you wearing? Black jeans (they make me feel SNAZZY), a white vest top thing and a blue jumper.
2: Ever had a terrible breakup? Yes, I once gave up chocolate for Lent. (No. I joke.)
3: Any tattoos? No, though I’m not going to rule it out for later life. (Who knows?)
4: Any piercings? Just my ears.
5: OTP? I have plenty I could give you, but my absolute favourite, favourite romances are Chaolena and Snowbaz. (What, you thought you were going to get just one? No way. They should make it into ITP – Infinite True Pairings.)
6: Favourite show? Merlin, when it was on. Sherlock. The Great British Bake Off.
7: Favourite bands? I’m not really sure…I kind of like a bit of everything, except One Direction
8: Something you miss? Japan. I had a big episode of homesickness which I’m mostly over now, but still.
9: Favourite song? I couldn’t possibly choose my favourite ever, but at the moment I’m listening to The Dragon Boy and Four Walls.
10: Zodiac sign? I’m a Libra, supposedly the balanced one. -_- Yeah, right.
11: Favourite Quote? I have plenty of beautiful ones to choose from, but right now I’m feeling the urge to share this.

Nimona comic, copyright Noelle Stevenson

Now that is how you play Monopoly.
12: Favourite actor? Uh. I don’t really have one. The majority of my favourite films are animated.
13: Favourite colour? The whole rainbow.
14: Loud music or soft? My mum has always scared me with stories about damaging my ears and such, so I play my music quiet,
15: Where do you go when you’re sad? My bedroom, usually.
16: How long does it take you to shower? 5 or 10 minutes.
17: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? On a normal school day, there’s an hour between when I wake up and when I leave. It’s probbaly not helped by the fact that I read for a third of that time.
18: Ever been in a physical fight? Ha, no.
19: The reason I started blogging? To begin with, it was because I was too embarrassed about makeup to talk to anyone about it.
20: Fears? QUESTIONS THAT AREN’T QUESTIONS. *glares at screen* Failing, especially as a writer. Not living up to expectations. Pain. Large spiders. People I love getting hurt.
21: Last thing that made you cry? Again, not a question. But I cry a lot, mostly about nothing at all. I was just feeling kind of down and drowning in work.
22: Last time you said you loved someone? Last night, to my mum. I like it to be the last thing I say at night, even if it’s to the darkness.
23: Meaning behind your blog name? Tail (cats) + tale (stories) = taile. And Twist in the Taile was just a play on the old saying.
24: Last book you read? Red Rising by Pierce Brown. I read it in one sitting, and WOW WOW WOW
25: The book you’re currently reading? The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson and Sarah Rees Brennan.
26: Last show you watched? The Doctor Who Christmas special. Merlin, because I discovered it on Netflix. I’M READY FOR THE BINGE WATCH
27: Last person you talked to? My mum, who asked me if I wanted some pitta bread and humous.
28: The relationship between you and the person that last texted you? *goes to check phone* My mum, again. (This just shows what kind of social life I have.)
29: Favourite food? Sushi.
30: Place you want to visit? America. Anywhere in the two continents of North or South America. (Wait, is Central America a continent? No.)
31: Last place you were? My cousin’s house.
32: Do you have a crush? I assume we’re not talking about numbers or fictional characters here, so no.
33: Last time you kissed someone? When I kissed my cat yesterday.
34: Last time you were insulted? I have no idea. Probably yesterday, at my cousin’s house.
35: Favourite flavour of sweet? Rhubarb and custards, though I prefer chocolate.
36: What instruments do you play? I play the clarinet and sing.
37: Favourite piece of jewellery? I have some earrings that look like paper cranes from my grandma, but I haven’t worn them yet.
38: Last sport you played? Swimming. It’s one of the only ones I don’t suck at.
39: Last song you sang? My friend and I did a rendition of Let it Go, because she’s playing it in orchestra, and then I did a one-person version of Mexican Hat Dance.
49: Favourite chat up line? “Hi, do you like books?” or “Hi, are you a fictional character?” Maybe even “Hi, do you know where the wormhole to Hogwarts is?”
41: Have you ever used it? No. It’s unlikely I ever will.
42: Last time you hung out with anyone? Yesterday afternoon.
43: Who should answer these questions next? If you want to, Rebekah @ Horse Feathers? But really, anyone is welcome to. I feel kind of awkward asking people to do a tag which is called ‘Too Much Information’. (Let’s just pretend it’s The Mortal Instruments tag, okay? 😉)

8 thoughts on “The TMI Tag

  1. Oooh, this tag is pretty fun – I love these kinds of questions. It’s actually really interesting to read, because it makes you feel like you get to know the person behind the blog a lot better 🙂 You love your cat as much as I love mine hehe! 😀

    I really enjoyed your post, I may do this tag myself!

    1. 😀 Yup, I do love my cats! I actually have three.

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading – I don’t share a whole lot of things about my life, so it was surprising for me how many details that seem basic to me I’d left out before. If you do this tag, then I’ll be sure to look out for it! 😄

      (And P.S. thank you!)

  2. WAIT IT’S NOT CASSIE CLARE *realizes once mentioned*

    Haha, I love this tag. It’s pretty cool (even though it’s not TMI) XD Oooh, I’m reading Bane Chronicles as wel – because, y’know MAGNUS BANE. It’s really good, and that last one (the Course of True Love) is absolutely hilarious.

    Choleana FTW!!!

    My chat up line would probably be yours because it’s so accurately perfect XD

    1. I swear, Magnus Bane is the most fun character ever. It’s just SPARKLES and UNICORNS and JOKES. I really enjoyed the Bane Chronicles, too – The Course of True Love was so funny. Awesomeness.

      CHAOLENA YAS 😃 (A lot of people jumped ship to Rowan/Celaena after HoF, but whilst Rowan was cool, I still want Chaolena.)

      If you ever overhear someone saying that, it’s probably me xD (Or, you know, my soulmate. Or someone escaped from the Harry Potter wormhole. That would be awesome.)

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