How Did That Happen?!

On Thursday, I was not at school. I was not, in fact, dying a slow death by geography test and double physics. (Surprising, I know!) Instead, I was here…

london youth choir

The view from the stage
The view from the stage

…at the Royal Albert Hall. On stage. As a performer.

Now, don’t get too excited. I’m not a celebrity in disguise. I’m one of those people in the purple t-shirts, London Youth Choir. It was just that we somehow ended up singing at the Royal Albert Hall.

I actually sang at the RAH at the end of November for the Scratch Youth Messiah (with 1,000 other people) so this was my second time. It was still awe-inspiring nonetheless, though – I mean, me! – and it was a very surreal day. School is my rhythm; if you break the rhythm, it breaks my groove. It feels wrong, somehow.

The crazy thing is I’m not even a very good singer. I only stumbled across this by chance through a poster at school; I never expected this to happen. I’m off to perform again this evening, albeit at a slightly smaller location.

What were you doing on Thursday?

(And don’t you dare try and pick my face out from that picture.)


13 thoughts on “How Did That Happen?!

    1. I think it was good! 🙂 I’m actually at the other concert now; hopefully this will go smoothly as well!
      (Shh, I’m being antisocial. Everyone around me is *gasp* talking!)

  1. Ahh that is SO AWESOME!!!! An older version of the senior part of the jazz orchestra I’m a member of played there a couple of years ago with Music For Youth, and AHHH IT’S THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL!!! And a missed geography test 😉 Hey, I have double physics on Thursdays…anyway, hope it went well, it looks seriously cool 🙂

    1. Oooh, wow! What instrument do you play? I felt like I should have known this, but I just went to check your about page – you play the trumpet, right? That is AWESOME! I’m a clarinet player myself 😉 (Ha, not a very good one though.)

      I think it did go well, thanks! And a high five for Thursday physics. I have it just before lunch; I end up getting SUPER distracted because of my rumbling stomach. 😅

    Haha, but it sounds awesome. And terrifying. But mostly awesome. 😉


      It *was* slightly nerve racking – right before hand, they were like ‘the entire reputation of the choir rests on this concert’ so yeah. NO PRESSURE.

      I like your new avatar, BTW. I just found out that there’s a stage adaptation of Princess Mononoke! 😀

  3. Performing in Royal Albert Hall is my lifelong dream! I’m so happy for you, it must have been an amazing experience! I’m a French horn player, but I also like to sing, btw. I’ve gone to see three different BBC Proms so far (and I’m from America), so it’s become my dream to perform there.

    1. Thank you, it really was fantastic!
      I live somewhat nearer, so I guess it’s easier for me to visit. I hope that you can perform there one day! (Maybe I will be hidden in the audience 😛 )

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