Guest Post- Trying to Please Everyone

Hi, internetty people. I’m Anna- not Apple, unfortunately. This isn’t my first guest post, but I was thinking a lot about this topic recently, and I thought I would try and explain it- mainly for myself, to be honest. It might be a bit jumbled, but I’m working this out so try and bear with me.

Do you ever feel as if you are being pulled apart? Trying to please everyone at once and live up to expectations and, of course, to “be yourself.” So, tell me, how does anyone manage all that? I’m not perfect at all. Please, don’t expect me to be. Always, everywhere, I feel as if I need to make decisions that will satisfy everyone. That I need to be smart, but not too smart. I need to be pretty, but not too pretty. I need to stand up to the person being rude, but woe betide me if I’m rude back! I care too much about what people think and how they will judge me. Will my friends like that? Oh, I can’t let my brother see that, he might judge me. I grow smaller and smaller and smaller with every thought. Even now, writing this, I am anxious about what people will think of this. Maybe everyone will hate it, I don’t know.

Please, people. If everyone made an effort to let others know they will not judge, maybe the world would be a happier place.
Everyone would be able to wear onesies to school and have cake every day. Wouldn’t that be awesome?
Again, apologies if I haven’t managed to totally sum up how I feel. My mind can be a bit out of sync with my fingers and the keyboard. Pretty much all the time, come to think of it.

Anna x
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