What do I love?


Questions That I Ask

I was watching Jacksgap on youtube recently and saw this video.

It made me question: What do I love?

So me, being me, searched up the definition of “love” (thanks again to dictionary.com) and it said:

And it also said:
(17) tohaveastronglikingfor;takegreatpleasurein
Well those are the two definitions I took to be the most useful in this question. So what do I have “love or affection for” or “have a strong liking for” and “take great pleasure in”? Well the answer is: LIFE!
Well I don’t just love life, because it is life, but because we all have our own story in it. I love looking around when in a populated area and see all these people living their own story. Seeing everyone living their own life. Knowing life is…

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