What Do People Think of my Name?

Names; Blank Pages
I’m in the process of choosing a character name – I guess I’ve sort of got out of my writer’s block now – but I keep getting backtracked and musing about names instead. Names are fascinating. Certain names don’t seem to go with certain personalities, but then you think ‘What they were called that?’ because names seem to have a mind of their own. They fit to their owner.

Whilst I was sitting in an empty carriage on this little train of thought, I started to wonder what people think of me and my name.

I don’t think my name describes me very well. When it is used on book characters on other people, it sounds different. On me, it sounds sort of…stodgy. Like plain mashed potato. Or plain pasta. Or basically anything plain.

My name feels like mine, but it doesn’t feel like me. As I said before, names change for their owner. The aura I get from one name in a book is not the aura I get from that girl in my class under the same name. I could be making this whole thing up, considering I’m looking at myself from I inside and not out. I’m not sure.

But I wonder what people think of my name. I wonder what people think of me, as person. I wonder…

Goodness me, this train of thought really has taken a detour. (And my computer is STILL out of action. Gah.)

6 thoughts on “What Do People Think of my Name?

  1. well, put it this way. If you could change your name; would you? Or has the current one latched on fully?

    1. I don’t think I’m going to change my name – or at least, not anytime soon. If I ever find a name that is like ‘I AM YOU ARE YOU ARE ME. WE ARE SOULMATES,’ then I would seriously consider it.
      However, I’m pretty sure that isn’t going to happen, so it think I’ll be sticking with this one for the moment! 🙂

  2. I feel everyone is given a birth name for a reason. check out paulsadowski….I feel every name has a historical representation that goes back into the history of mankind. I have been obsessed with the meaning of names….and it is crazy that they all have a historical factor from birth of man….peace

    1. Thank you, I just went and checked my name on it – it was actually very accurate!
      I like to know the meanings of names and tie them into my writing when I choose character names, but I haven’t eve thought of researching my own before.

  3. I think that names are a very important part of the story 🙂 Even though I may come across, like, a gazillion Lilies in books, my first impression is always of Lily Evans. But after a while, I become accustomed to it. The name becomes the character. The name Eleanor, in Eleanor and Park – I had heard it used in books so many times. But the writing of Rainbow Rowell was so amazing that I forgot about it all and Eleonor was just Eleonor. I don’t know how to explain it XD

    I have this really annoying girl in my class (she’s a bully and just plain irritating) and since she’s been to our school for over 4 years? Anyway, whenever I come across anyone with that name I get an unpleasent image in my mind of her. So basically, if the character is memorable – the name doesnt have to be. Because it’ll stay with us without even trying 😀

    Even though I always used to get odd looks when people heard my name, and afterwards I had to spend half an hour telling them how to pronounce it (I don’t see how spelling Nirvana can be *that* hard 😀 )
    I love it too. Over the years, it has become ME. SO I don’t think I’ll change it. Even though I still get the odd looks, there are compliment and smiles too. So I’m happy 🙂

    Wow, long comment! I’ll stop talking now ❤

    1. *scrolls down!*
      😀 I don’t think I’ve seen many Eleanors in books, but after reading E&P I feel like Eleanor definitely belongs to Eleanor. I think I could probably get used to it in another book, but it would take a while.

      Your name is beautiful, I’m glad that you’re happy with it! 🙂 My name is very short and fairly easy to spell, so I’m pleased about that.

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