I’m Scared to Write

I'm Scared to Write

I’m scared to write.

I’m not scared to write poetry, or English comprehension answers, or long posts lamenting my writer’s block, but I’m scared to write stories.
I’m scared to write anything that means something in case it ends up meaning nothing.
I’m scared to write because there are a thousand different things that could go wrong and I don’t want to make even a single mistake.
I’m scared that by writing I will enforce the stereotype of bad young writers and therefore let down all the good young writers.
I’m scared to write in case I end up hating my characters, because it’s hard to hate something you’ve created and it’s even harder to write about people you both love and hate.
I’m scared to write because writing is one of the only things that reassures me, and I’m scared that if I write badly then the safety net will fall away.
I’m scared to write because when I think of a blank page, no ideas come to mind.
I’m scared to write because I don’t want to become a hypocrite by making all the mistakes I criticise in others.

I’m scared to write.

(N.B. I do have a Harry Potter Spells Book Tag post coming, but my computer is out of action at the moment and it’s been a bit of a nightmare to add in the pictures on my tablet.)

5 thoughts on “I’m Scared to Write

  1. I’ve been lamenting a quite a bit about writer’s block lately too. This post is just freaking awesome, because it put to point EXACTLY what I’m feeling. Plus I’ve seen so many other good stories by teen writers that I’m a tad bit scared that mine won’t join that category >. ‘Iā€™m scared that by writing I will enforce the stereotype of bad young writers and therefore let down all the good young writers.’
    Just amazing and what I felt like about two days ago. But I suddenyl got this amazing idea to write on (all good ideas come in the shower XD) so let’s hope that I don’t sink again. šŸ˜€

    1. šŸ˜€ That’s great! I tend to start with an idea and each time I’m like ‘This time I’ll finish’ but the story always ends up so far away from what I intended it to be and then I have to go find a new idea.
      BUT I AM ALWAYS ON THE HUNT FOR NEW IDEAS! Someday I will find something good enough to write (and finish)!

  2. I’ve never written anything before… Not like, properly! I can totally understand why you’d be scared – just thinking about writing or creating characters or a world scares me… It’s so hard for me to stick to people and keep them in my life (I may have commitment issues XD , except for family of course hehe), so how could I create characters and continue to love them and their world and maintain interest so I can finish the story without getting bored? I don’t even have the time to sit down and write ..I don’t know what I’ve just written here even makes sense haha XD but I’m cheering you on, write!!! šŸ™‚ you can do it! You will only get better and better!

  3. I used to write little things. Dreams that I thought might be interesting plots. They were little projects just for myself, since my writing is no where near something that should be read in the real world…well…then came my blog…and all rules went out the window lol. Yes it is scary…and I can really relate to the last point you made. But I figure, writing is what makes me happy, even in its extremely primitive state. So write I shall. Hope that your writing will continue to flourish and grow to the level that you can look back on this post and think about how far you’ve come šŸ™‚

    1. Hopefully! šŸ™‚
      Lamenting on my woes seems to work pretty well – I’ve done it before and I guess kinda it’s kinda the same as ‘a worry shared is a worry halved’? A problem shared is a problem halved?
      (Bit of a tangent there. Sorry!)

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