August Favourites!

August favourites

All right, all right, I have jumped on the monthly favourites bandwagon. I know I did one in May (May?!) but I haven’t really followed that up. Still, I’m giving it another try!

1. The Mortal Instruments Series I’ll admit that I initially had these books pegged as post-Twilight garbage, but they’re actually really good. The Infernal Devices are even better.

2. Lava Cosmetics GB  I ordered some sulphate-free shampoo and soap online from this company, which advertise themself as a more affordable alternative to Lush. Liking a lot.

3. Kevin Brooks I haven’t actually read the one displayed, but this month I read Killing God, Being, and iBoy, all by Kevin Brooks. It’s not light and fluffy stuff, I’m telling you.

4. Creme of Morocco shampoo with Argan oil I’ve been sucked into sukphate-free toiletries. This was from Amazon, and it leaves my hair really smooth and almost slippery in the shower (although unfortunately this fades as your hair dries).

5. Wintergirls I only just finished this book, but I technically started it in August, so I’m counting it in. It’s haunting, page-turning and beautifully written. The best book I’ve read in a while.

6. Flower hair clip I bought this at the Port. Eliot Festival in Cornwall for something like £1. Bargain!

7. Birthright Trilogy These books are very different from the tone of Elsewhere, but they have an awesome kick-ass mafia princess heroine. Like.

Have you read any of these books? What are you guys thinking on more monthly favourites? Yes? No?

Anyway, I’m starting school (*cries*) so sorry if I don’t post or comment as much!

4 thoughts on “August Favourites!

  1. It’s so hard to find time now that I’ve started uni as well! I’m trying to find a balance so that I still have time to read and blog 🙂

    I loved The Mortal Instruments (though not so much the end… I don’t know, I just started getting bored hehe) and I also loved The Infernal Devices!

    Great post! I think I need to start doing monthly summaries like this as well! 🙂

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