Top Ten Things I Would Take to a Desert Island | Guest Post

Hello! This is An Overthinking Teenager, normally found residing over at Rainbow Cakes and Rocky Road. This is my first guest post, so thanks very much to Apple for having me. Today’s post is going to be a Top Ten – the Top Ten things I would take to a desert island (if I wasn’t trying to escape, so no boats!).

Hereeee we go…
1. My iPod. This would give me something else to focus on, keep me distracted from my unfortunate plight and probably help me keep my sanity intact. Always helpful.

2. A portable charger for the iPod. Preferably solar powered, but even if it wasn’t it would keep my iPod juiced up for a bit longer.

3. A fully stocked e-reader. Like the iPod, this would keep me distracted. I normally prefer physical books to e-books, but the big advantage of e-readers is the quantity of books you can take with you in one item. Les Miserables, I’m coming for you.

4 & 5.. Authentically tea-stained paper with an old-fashioned fountain pen. All the better for creating a complicated treasure map promising everlasting riches, leading to absolutely nothing. I’m cruel, aren’t I?

6. Pringles. I need to stay alive somehow, and what better way than with a stockpile of BBQ Pringles? Seriously, I’m in love with Pringles.

7. Sun cream. I have incredibly pale skin. In junior school, our PE kit was white shorts, socks, and polo shirt. My mum asked if I thought I could get away with wearing my navy games shorts, so I could look slightly less like a milk bottle. Therefore, suncream is a necessity if I’m going to avoid looking like a lobster. A ketchup-covered lobster, to be more precise. Swimming in tomato sauce.

8. Washi tape. This thin, patterned masking tape style tape is addictive. Seriously, you could spend hours covering everything in sight with it.

9. A notepad. Using the fountain pen from number 5, I could while away the hours writing Poet Laureate-worthy poetry and prose, only to be discovered after I’ve tragically died of starvation, causing me to showered with awards posthumously…

10. My stuffed giraffe. Giraffe, as he is inventively named (or Geronimo on special occasions) has been with me all fourteen years of my life, and I feel he could fit in quite well in a desert climate.

So there you have it, my top ten essentials for a desert island…what would be most important to you? Feel free to leave your comments below 🙂
Thanks again for having me, Apple!

This guest post was written by An Overthinking Teenager of Rainbow Cakes and Rocky Road. If you enjoyed reading then please go and check it out!

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