My Hands


I quite like my hands.

They’re small, and my friends always say they’re cute when we compare hand sizes. I like that.

My fingernails grow long and fast and straight, unlike my toenails, which grow inwards for some reason. I especially like it when I paint them.

The backs of my hands are covered in criss-crossing lines. If you leave an inkpen resting on them for long enough, the ink seeps out through the lines and creates a web of blue.

You can see those lines of my knuckles too, when I make a fist and they go white.

There are lines on the bends in my fingers and on the inside of my hand. If I cup my hand slightly then the skin on the inside just below my fingers bunches up and feels like the pads on a cat’s paw.

I have little freckle-like dots on the first section of my fingers.

All in all, I quite like my hands.

A penny for your thoughts?

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