Dear Rainbow Rowell

Dear Rainbow Rowell,

You are a great writer. I love all your characters. They are real and alive and if I could disappear into a book I am fairly certain I would disappear into one of yours.

I love your book covers. I love your plots. I love your writing. I love…everything, I am very much looking forward to reading your new book, Landline.

Thank you. You have made my life a little bit better.

5 thoughts on “Dear Rainbow Rowell

  1. I’ve only actually read one book by this author! What would you recommend? I read Eleanor & Park. 🙂

    1. Well, Fangirl & Attachments also by Rainbow Rowell are great (Fangirl is more like E&P) but other authors I recommend are Holly Smale, John Green and also Lauren Oliver’s Before I Fall.
      *tries to restrain self from more recommendations* I hope that helped! 😀

      1. Yeah, I’ll have a look! Oh, I’ve read some JG books and I read Before I Fall, that was a good book. Yeah it did, thank you!! 🙂

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