A New Look for my Blog!

As you might have noticed, I’ve changed the look of my blog! I’ve chosen a new theme, Hexa, to replace my last one, San Kloud. Like it? Love it? Hate it? Any niggling things about it? Let me know. Please be honest, although saying that probably won’t change your mind (though I hope it will).

New avatar

Also, I’ve got a new avatar-thing. It’s not that detailed or anything but…yeah. It’s more related than my last one, and I think it’s an improvement. You?

I hope you guys are good. I’ve just started my summer holidays, and I’m having a busy social life (which is very unlike me). I just went to my best friend’s birthday party and it was AWESOME. We jumped into her swimming pool (I know, she has a swimming pool) and swam with the ducks/ducklings that have nested in her garden. In our clothes. I came home sopping wet, and my mum was not pleased.

2 thoughts on “A New Look for my Blog!

  1. I love your avatar! It inspired me to try and change mine, thought it’s still not particularly relevant 🙂 Um, I don’t know if you changed it back again, but my computer seems to be showing the San Kloud theme? It’s cool anyway 🙂

    1. 😕 *goes to check settings* I haven’t changed my avatar recently, though I did play around with it – the only thing that I can suggest is that it’s temporary and will be back to normal tomorrow?
      Aw, no, I love your avatar! You don’t need to change it! 😀

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