Thoughts Following Pasta Carbonara

In the same vein as my post entitled Thoughts Following Kedgeree, I cooked myself spaghetti carbonara for lunch.

Now, you first need to know my attitude to cooking. I am not a ‘we must follow the recipe down to the last milligram’ kinda person. I am the kind of person who is like ‘let’s put brown sugar in these cookies because it tastes nicer’ or, in the case of today, ‘we have no cream to make carbonara with, so let’s just substitute it for some milk and Philadelphia’. I am a believer in throwing it all in the bowl and frying it up.

Bacon Pasta cooking Carbonara mixture
Anyway, I made myself pasta carbonara, because I was craving it. Pasta carbonara is usually disappointingly tasteless without a whole lot of salt, pepper and parsley, but it tasted pretty good this time. Maybe it was the Philadelphia (or maybe it’s just because I wanted it so much).

Pasta carbonara

Again, I posed the question: can you take an artistic picture of spaghetti carbonara? The answer is, again, no.

A penny for your thoughts?

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