Makeup is not Beauty


I’ve recently been listening to some of my friends say: “I hate people who wear mascara. Makeup isn’t what makes you beautiful.” And I was just thinking that, well, I agree. Makeup does not make you beautiful. I will now direct you to a post on Schmirfle Blogs.  Come back here when you have read it. You may also want to see what I already have said on this topic here.




I hope that if you are reading this then you have followed my instructions. If not, then follow them. They’re important. If you have, then congratulations. Let’s get onto the point.

Although makeup does not make you beautiful, that isn’t the only reason people wear it. Makeup isn’t just to make you ‘pretty’ or ‘confident’ or whatever. It’s just makeup. It’s like drawing, or painting or sketching. Except on your face, and you wear it around. Although makeup can be vain, it can also be creative and fun. Makeup isn’t just for people obsessed with what they look like, and don’t judge people by it.

It’s just makeup.

A penny for your thoughts?

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