On Reaching 100 Followers!

In January, I wrote a post very similar to this telling you all that I had reached fifty followers. Today I tell you that I HAVE REACHED 100 FOLLOWERS! Yay!

I actually achieved this a couple of days ago but I didn’t realise at the time so I bring you all this post today, the first of May. I’ve been blogging for about six and a half months at this moment in time. It seems so weird – almost like I’ve just started.

Anyway, I know 100 followers in six months probably isn’t that great but I feel good about it. I feel excited. Who knows where I could be in six month’s time, what I could be doing on those dreary autumn days? I mean, it’ll probably just be homework but you never know.

In the fashion of my last celebratory post, I’ll do a month by month round up.

February represents the days of little posting and rants written in my phone. Possibly not my finest hour…

March was the month that I changed what I’d like to be blogging about. I started off this intending to be a beauty blog but it’s evolved into something more like my rambling a and thoughts. I have more to say about rambling and thoughts than I have about beauty.

April was a fun month. I did some fun posts with my buddy and I wrote some fun posts by myself. It was a month of laughter, even though fun is a very different thing from being funny.

And May? Well, May has only just started but I have a LOT planned for you guys! And I just want to say thank you to anyone that actually reads this stuff, crazy as it is. You are my life, except not really because I have school and family and friends and Throne of Glass and Totoro. So yeah.

In other news, here is a song that I am going to show you even though it’s all over the radio so you’ve probably already heard it.  This song sums up the atmosphere of this post.



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