5 Things You Should Never Say to a Glasses-Wearer

As a glasses wearer and a friend of many glasses wearers, I have compiled a list of things people say to glasses wearers about their glasses that annoy them the most. Of course, different people have different opinions so please feel free to suggest your own ideas. Oh, and preferably don’t use this list to go provoking people.

1. How many fingers am I holding up?
Oh, this question was the bane of my life for many years. People do it less as they and you grow older, thankfully.

2. Are you blind without your glasses?
How do you expect me to know what being blind is like No. It looks a bit like when you try to see in a swimming pool without goggles, with varying degrees of blurriness.

3. You look so different without your glasses!
Why, thank you. I’ve got to wear them for 99% of the time, so it’s a good thing that I look great without them.

4. Can I try on your glasses?
Nonono. It’s kind of okay if you’re my friend, but if I don’t know you then scram. Personal space.

5. Your glasses are really dirty…
This is awkward for both people.

Now that you have read this and taken it in: I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, whatever you celebrated (or maybe you didn’t celebrate anything)! I’m returning to school later this week but I’ll try to keep up my new and improved posting schedule.

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