Collaboration: Right Now tag

This is a sample of our daily conversation:

Anna: Eve [Apple], you can’t remember it. *snatches iPad away*
Apple (aka Eve): NAAAAAAAAAHG GIVE IT BACK *steals iPad back*
Anna: You know this is really painful? Can you move up?
Eve: MEH no! *moves up and snatches away the iPad*
Anna: Are we actually gonna do this?
Eve: Yes! Well, maybe actually not.


We have been trying to write a collaboration but as you may gather it is not working out that well. Well, Anna says it’s working out fine. Kind of. Anyway, we’re going to do a tag about stuff happening Right Now (capitalising every letter is important).



1. What are you doing right now?

Anna: Um…being awesome.

Eve: Writing up all our answers for this collab post (duh) and listening to Anna’s music.


2. Are you listening to anything right now?

Anna: The song Fallen by Imagine Dragons…

Eve: Ditto but I am also listening to my own beautiful voice. Oh, and Anna’s too.

Anna: So modest.


3. What are you wearing right now?

Anna: I am wearing a pair of super warm – oh, what do you call them? – pyjama socks? Whatever. I’m taking them off. I’m also wearing a pair of jeggings and a tunic top.

Eve: And I am also wearing jeggings, but I’m wearing a black and white jumper that I bought on a shopping trip with Anna.


4. Where are you right now?

Anna: In my bedroom that happens to be in my house. Who would have guessed?!?

Eve: I mean, Anna, who would have guessed you’re in your own house? Anyway, I am in Anna’s house, coincidentally in her room as well.


5. What are you feeling like right now?

Anna: Relaxed. And…a bit hyper from Eve’s chocolate crispies/Easter cupcake things.

Eve: Personally, I’m not feeling that relaxed. I’m more on the hyper side, to be honest. *laughs manically*

6. What are you thinking right now?

Anna: That this is a really weird collaboration. Eve, what are you doing…

Eve: I’m not really thinking anything. I’m thinking about doing the candle thing but not the candle thing.


7. If you could eat anything, what would you eat right now?

Anna: I’m not actually that hungry, but if I had to have something to eat/drink, I would have an ice-cream float with fizzy melon juice, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sprinkles and an umbrella. Oh, and more cream.

Eve: Wow, that sounds nice. Personally, I really feel like a stroopwaffel. It’s like two waffles sandwiched together with syrup inside.


8. What specific thing are you looking at right now?

Anna: I have an exquisite view of my wardrobe at the moment…

Eve: I am looking at Anna’s red scarf which is hanging on her mirror.


9. What colour best describes your mood right now?

Anna: A soft orangey colour, so quite cheerful but not completely insane (which makes a change).

Eve: I feel like lime green. If we’re allowed to have a pattern, my lime green has calmer purple and orange spots.


10. What is your favourite thing, obsession and/or hobby right now?

Anna: My favourite thing right now is my iPod classic which I love. I’m also currently obsessed with the book Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas. My favourite hobby at the moment is blogging. I don’t know what else to say.

Eve: Can I say I introduced you to Throne of Glass? Anyway, I think I’m more obsessed than you. I’ve read it like six times. My favourite thing at the moment is probably Anna’s Totoro slippers (even though I gave them to her). I’m not sure about my favourite hobby – probably writing/blogging as well.

Now, we are tagging three people to do this tag. If you’re tagged then all you have to do is answer the ten questions and maybe tag some other people to do it.

Maya Brock

Just My Little Musings 

Thank you for reading this, we know we aren’t the sanest of people, but we had lots of fun doing this!

Here’s Anna’s blog-

Bye, Anna!! x

Bye, Apple/Eve xx

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