The After [writing]

This may not be the finest piece of writing in the world, but I guess I just wanted to put across an idea. It’s actually part of a longer story but the longer story doesn’t work that well (plus, it was pretty long) so I just decided to give you this to read. Fear not; I am completing my first ever award, which I am getting too excited about. Anyhow, I hope you had a fun St. Patrick’s Day if you celebrated it! Otherwise, I’m hoping you all are having an awesome March. Spring, here we come!
Apple xx

I am inside the glass box again. It presses in on me from every direction. It even presses into my thoughts, more and more and more until –
I shut my eyes. I see flickering patterns of light for a while, but then the darkness fades away into a different scene. I see white. I see a house. This is how it works here.

I’m sure I would be correct in assuming that you are still living a life of normality, of friends and gossip and food and internet and TV. Am I right? I knew it. I used to live like that. Then, one day, BAM, I wake up in a glass box instead of my bed. Just like that, my whole world was changed: just a careless dismissal of the hand, a distracted roll of the dice. Destroyed. The only thing I can see with my eyes open is my own glass box, and the never ending white. But with my eyes shut? Well, that is a different story altogether.

A penny for your thoughts?

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