Safety in jumpers (and other habits) + update

Hey everyone! I haven’t posted in ages, I’m really sorry, but I’ll be getting back to a normal schedule this week. I know people have been wondering about the second part of the drugstore reviews, bath stuff and skincare, so I’ll try and get down to that soon.

Anyway, today’s topic is on some weird and, in some cases, maybe a bit evil habits. The first is on the safety I find in jumpers, and my slightly-out-of-style-but-super-warm uniqlo coat.
Even if I’m not that cold, I feel like my jumper is like a shell, or armour. It makes me more confident. And the coat? Well, if I wear it into the canteen at break then it kind of flaps out and looks like a film/advert. I’m just like ‘oh, yeah. I have an awesome long coat and all you have is a cardigan.’ Except I don’t actually say that.

GAP jumper
The jumper in question.

Secondly, and I’m really scared because this is a bit perverted, if it’s a really upsetting or sad or angering subject then I’ll actually smile. I feel so bad, because I also do it if someone gets in trouble or something but I just can’t stop it. I wish I wouldn’t do it, but it’s a bit like breathing. I can’t help myself.

And next, the irrational feeling that I have to arrange all the small things in my bedside table before I go to sleep but to leave the rest of the room a tip. I have too many lip balms on there…

And an update! I mentioned quite a lot of things at the top of the post, like the next part of drugstore reviews. I’ve had a busy week. My clarinet (I play the clarinet) broke.
Also, my friend Maya (who I really need to go and visit) started a blog and I wanted to give you the link: Maya’s blog! Though if you’re reading this, Maya, I would drop the text speak.

See you all soon, hopefully!

Apple xx

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