Note to my Friend

It’s probably going to seem really weird, that I’m writing a letter to my friend on my blog. Let me explain: today, I became a not-so-anonymous blogger! I improved on my honesty! I did something miraculous and life changing (okay, maybe not that last one so much)! And the this is how it happened:

Me: Hey. So, um, can I tell you something?
Friend: Sure.
Me: Well, I set up this blog like three months ago.
Friend: Ok. Have you been in it much?
Me: Uh, yeah. I have 50 followers.

That is the life changing conversation, condensed slightly because we were walking to the changing rooms. I was going to write ‘BF’ for best friend, but then I realised you might think that was boyfriend so that would have been misleading. Anyway. Moving on, this is basically where I tell unnamed as yet friend to not freak out and where not to look, etc. etc.

Totally unrelated hot chocolate. I needed a picture.
Totally unrelated hot chocolate. I needed a picture.

So. Hey, A (can I call you that? Friend isn’t exactly a common first name). Firstly, don’t freak out. I don’t have an later ego or anything, and I’m not going to turn into a ‘popular’-y person. Trust me, I’m still me.

Secondly, some of the earlier posts are no longer true and I may not has told the entire truth. Do not trust all of those. Also, preferably don’t tell the world i.e. class. I’m slightly embarrassed and I’m also used to keeping a secret. I kept CS a secret for ages, remember? I might go weird if you try and talk to me. It’s easiest for me to write it down here. Remember that.

If you wanted to do some guest blogging or something, that would be awesome. This applies to everyone (shameless advertising, I know…).

Hope you guys are all having a still-great January. I’m going on camp this weekend so might not post, but I’ll try and make up for it next week. See you soon (metaphorically)! Okay. Bad joke. You know what I mean.

Apple xx

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