Can’t Find the Perfect Blush?

Finding the perfect blusher is one seriously hard task. If you’re having a hard time finding it, then layer your blush for a look that’s more tailored to your skin tone, mood and clothes. For some reason, I really enjoy picking out my blush in the morning. I just like blush. A lot!

If you have a lot of similar shades, then branch out. The ‘main’ different shades are: apricot, cool pink, dusky rose, almond and plum. There’s obviously a lot of variation, but that’s pretty much it. Try and find some shades in a colour that leans more towards one of those. It may look a little ‘off’ on its own, but it will work out, I promise.

Please excuse my use of an old photo; the tablet I usually use to take photos isn’t working!

Assign one, or maybe more, shades for daily use, then group the rest into ‘darker’ and ‘lighter’. Apply a -pale? thin? No, light – wash of an everyday blush, then apply a darker one towards the higher part of the cheekbone, out towards the edge of your face, and then apply a lighter blush on your cheekbone. Of course, you don’t have to do both of them everyday; you don’t have to layer them everyday at all (especially if you’re in a rush). Alternatively, blend two colours in the same way to give a pink a hint of orange, or an apricot some light rose. It’s easy to change you routine if your skin tone –  although it’s always good to buy more blush. Well, perhaps not strictly good: fun would be a more appropriate word.

As a note: to find what colours suit you, you need to find your undertone. There are plenty of other ways to find out if you search for it on the web, but the simplest way is often to look at the veins on your wrist. If they’re green, you’re warm toned, if they’re blue, you’re fool toned and if they’re a mix then you’re neutral toned. If you’re having difficulty telling, like I did, then ask someone else (or even a couple of people). They may or may not think you are going crazy.

Blue Monday, the supposed most depressing day of the year, is coming up in the third week of January. It hasn’t done so before, but this year it feels very apt. I don’t think the rainy weather is helping, either. It’s funny, but I do actually feel a lot better when the weather is nice. How about you?

Apple xx


2 thoughts on “Can’t Find the Perfect Blush?

    1. Yeah, I find that too. Although a day or two above the twenty degrees mark would be nice (it’d cause chaos if it happened in winter, though). We seem to be agreeing with each other a lot! I’m just nodding along and going ‘oh, yes. I get that as well.’

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