My Fave to Jazz Up Hair: Accessories

Hello again to you all; today’s post is going to be about my current favourite way to jazz up my hair: ACCESSORIES!

Now, often on school mornings my hair looks simply awful, so I feel I have to tie it up. However, I’m honestly not that great at quick hairstyles and my hair just refuses to look nice in a pony tail (it goes all ridgy; yeugh) so…out come the hair accessories.

1. The Good Old Hairclip, revamped.

Try doubling them up. I like gold and black together, running down behind my ear. Be careful not to go too overboard, though, because too many colours in too many ways look really odd.

2. Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons.

Personally, it’s either one or all on this front. I either just tie a bright/glittery/special ribbon around my hair and leave it be, or drape the bunches black and brown. Obviously, you don’t have to use black and brown, since they’re quite sombre. I suggest a red with a silver or white for a festive look.

3. Hair ornaments.

Good for parties. Not too many. Enough said.

4. Those large hair ‘clamps’.

You know? Those ones with the teeth? Like this? They tend to look more elegant and sophisticated than plain hair clips. I like to half-tie my hair up with them.

5. Extra-special hair clips

I own some rather dear, I mean, expensive, ones from Cath Kidston. It really does depend on their design; this section was pretty broad. Pin up your fringe, tuck in loose hair, use them wear you like. I recommend trying unusual ways to wear clips. Experimenting often leads to the best results.

I hope to blog a lot more frequently in the coming week, since school breaks up on Wednesday. Stay in the festive mood, everyone!

Apple xx

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