Check out my new Google+ account!

Yay! I made a Google+ account especially for this blog of mine!

My lovely new avatar for Google+

I’m pretty excited about this whole thing, which I haven’t really experienced anything like before. Google+ probably isn’t the best choice, compared to facebook or twitter, but it comes with a shiny new email and I know how to work it a little better than the others.

So, here it is! I’d love to add any of you who use G+ to my circles, so please don’t be afraid to add me, and I’ll add you back. I’m also happy to add people from links in the comments.

My Google+ profile (Jibi A.) I hope that this will help me connect with readers better, although, it has to be said, there is definitely a lot of fun to be had in maintaining a social media profile (I can guarantee that there will be plenty of slightly random and off-topic posts on there, as well as the blog-related ones).Have fun! Apple xx

A penny for your thoughts?

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