See the World Through New Eyes

“They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, but the eyes

aren’t alone.”

We often sometimes don’t take a proper look at what’s around us, instead rushing off to a meeting or class, or preoccupied in our thoughts. The following piece of writing is about seeing the world through new eyes.

The boy sits on the wall, his feet kicking listlessly at the bricks, his fingers just a centimetre away from the girl’s hand. He is very much aware of this. The girl reaches out a hand to the tree to steady herself whilst she stands up.

“Look,” she says to the boy, pointing at the blackbird with her one free hand, “do you see the blackbird?”

The boy squints up at her, even though he’s taller, and replies, “What about it?”

“I said ‘look at it’. I’m not sure if you’re looking at me, but you’re definitely not looking at the blackbird because it’s behind you.”

With a sigh, the boy hoists himself up and twists round to get a look at the blackbird. “It’s just a blackbird,” he says, puzzled.

“Yes,” the girl tells him, “it’s a blackbird. Congratulations on your genius knowledge.”

“But – what’s so special about it?”

The girl looks at him critically. “See at its flashing wings, its curved head, its midnight black eyes. Are those not special enough for you?”

The boy falls silent for a moment, then says “I can’t really see what you mean. It’s almost the same as any other blackbird.

“Look at it as if it’s the first and last time you will see a blackbird,” the girl instructs, taking the boy by the shoulder, “look at how different it is from us, how alien and beautiful and strange it is.”

The boy nods, frowns in concentration and then smiles, “I see it!”

The girl looks pleased. They stand, watching the blackbird for another few precious moments before the girl sits back down on the wall.

“I’ve got to go now, okay? But I’ll see you tomorrow: same place, same time.”

“Sure,” the boy replies, but the girl is already off the wall and running into the sunset, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Apple xx

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