Makeup for those sick days

It’s coming up to the winter season, and we all know what that, sadly, means: colds… And no one wants to look ill (unless it’s Halloween) –  so how do you conceal it?

Reverse the signs!

So, what are the common problems you have when you’re ill? Sallow skin, dark circles, puffy eyes, a red nose, chapped lips – do any of these sound familiar? Well, whatever your symptoms are, you can get your makeup out and reverse them! This will probably mean you’re aiming to get healthy skin, concealed dark circles and puffiness and moisturised lips. This is basically the key to covering up illness.


Healthy skin and lips

Lip gloss and blusher are the two makeup products that make you look healthier – so, after a light-to-medium layer of foundation, apply some blusher to the apples of your cheeks (smile, then apply it to the parts of your cheek that stick out a little) and blend it upwards. If you like, you can also use some bronzer on the sides of your forehead, and if you make a ‘fish face’ then apply it onto the parts that you have sucked inwards. I would recommend you don’t use a blusher that is too red or pink, though, because it may make you look flushed. Experiment with what you have, though, because that isn’t always the case.


Next, make sure you moisturise your lips at least twice a day. If your lips are especially chapped, you might want to invest in some more medical lip treatments (I recommend Burt’s Bees). Put one some sheer lip gloss and you’re ready to go!

Concealing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes

Use a good concealer to get rid of your circles and blend into the inner corner. If you can, curl you lashes and then apply mascara. Instead of your normal black or brown eyeliner, use a white one/one that is lighter than your skin. Plum is also a good colour if you do not have white.


A red and runny nose

Most importantly, get some nice (potentially treated) tissues which are soft on your nose. Apply a little more foundation to your nose area than normal and highlight on your expression lines around your nose.

And that is my guide for makeup on sick days!

Hello again, everyone, I have missed blogging more than you know! The last two days have been pretty eventful for me (this relates to both homework and my social life). Thanks to everyone who has stuck by me, I do notice and I greatly appreciate it. Your help is so important, because my blog is basically anonymous and I get no publicity help from my friends or family.

I hope to be blogging more frequently in the future!

Apple xx


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