DIY uses for concealer & foundation

Concealer, foundation and powder don’t just have to be restricted to doing what it says on the packet: if you’re on a budget or need the convenience, there are loads of ways to make your products, well, more.

Other uses for concealer

To make a tinted moisturiser/light foundation/DIY eye primer, just mix the concealer with some moisturiser. Liquid concealers are best for making a tinted moisturiser, but a stick concealer will still do the job.

Other uses for foundation (liquid)

Again, you can mix foundation with moisturiser to create a lighter or slightly thicker foundation.  Depending on how runny your foundation is, you can also use it as a concealer.

If, for any reason, your foundation is lighter or darker than your skin tone, you can use it for Halloween (in two days!),or even as a bronzer. I don’t really like things to go to waste! This also applies for powder foundation.

Other uses for foundation (powder)

I find that face powders are actually very good for concealing under-eye circles – not so much blemishes, but hey, you can’t have everything.

If your powder is too light, then they are often good for subtle highlighting, if you don’t have a highlighter (or just don’t have one on you).

I hope these tips and tricks help you; please do share your experiences and any of your tips. Halloween is in just two days, so hopefully I’ll be writing a bit about that soon.

Apple xx

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