Natural eyeshadow

This is basically a tutorial on how to do some basic natural eyeshadow. I apologise for the light, I take all my pictures with a tablet so they’re not very good!

1. Priming the eye

First of all, apply a primer of your choice. I don’t actually have any primer, so I just mix concealer with some moisturiser. It seems to work, especially if you apply a very thin layer of just moisturiser on over the eyeshadow.

DIY primer



2. Applying a light base layer

Apply any light colour of eyeshadow to the eye, blending it out towards the edge and applying it more thickly (is that the right word?) in the inner corner to brighten up your eyes.

Light eyeshadow



3. Applying a brown/dark neutral eyeshadow

Depending on your mood, choose a brown or dark neutral eyeshadow to apply in a wash to your eye. I tend to stay away from gold or anything too sparkly I this step.




4. Apply another neutral of the same tone or lighter

Blend this one out into the crease (above the eye) a bit more. This layer should be thin; if you’re in a rush, skip it altogether.


Light brown



5. (optional) Apply a gold or other brighter colour along the lash line

For when you just want that extra little pop of colour: I like to use gold, but it’s up to you. Experiment!

Gold eyeshadow

Ta da! Your natural eyeshadow look is now complete!

Natural eyshadow

It’s quite hard to see in this photo (eugh, not a good one of me!), but this is not really a bright and noticeable look. I’m not wearing any makeup in the photo except for eyeshadow.

The eyeshadow used was Laval’s brown palette, available here.

Thanks to anyone who read or has followed this blog: I rely purely on you because this blog is pretty secret from my friends.

Apple xx


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