Keep looking & feeling awesome throughout winter

Winter’s coming up, so for many of us this is going to mean COLD. How can we keep looking and feeling fresh and awesome through all the cold days?

Stay looking fresh

In these days coming up to winter, I like to wear bright clothes, like cable tights and my lovely turquoise jumper. Try and have at least one bright item if clothing because it will freshen up your look even if you think it won’t. But don’t take it too far, because if you wear too many bright pieces of clothing it will just look gaudy and tasteless.

And blush. I love blusher so much. It’s ridiculous.

In autumn and winter I tend to put away the bronzers, bright nail polish and pastel eye shadows. Instead I tend to go for for classic nail polish like red, black or a calm blue or green, and mostly stay with neutrals for eyeshadows.

Myself, I prefer pink blushes in winter rather than peachy ones. If you have ‘warmer’ skin you might want to try a browner or more red colour. As for eye shadows, I generally just stick to browny neutral colours. Reds are also nice.

Feel awesome!

This is the season of colds, sadly…

I just love to drink hot chocolate and tea. Lemon and honey tea will help unblock colds or a sniffly nose. I recommend you give it a try (it also tastes nice).

Christmas season is coming up so there’ll be lots of sales, not to mention that the shops and streets will be all lit up. Treat yourself to something, and embrace the Christmas season. I vote for carol singing as soon as bonfire night and Halloween are over (I tend to sing Christmas carols in the wrong season!!).

I’ll be going away for 5 days on Wednesday and may or may not be able to access the internet. Stay tuned for more updates!

Apple xx

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